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Season 8. Whether will Forest win PL and CL?

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I had some time last weekend to play Nottingham Forest story and decided to write about the results. So it’s April, 2020. Forest has already League Cup this season and still has chances to win all other tournaments which is certainly inspiring!



Premier League

Of course, we are all interested whether Nottingham Forest will finish the league at the top line. Everything is OK about that for now. Arsenal is located on a distance of 4 points. It could be more if Forest didn’t loose to Southampton...


The defeat by Southampton was unexpected but can be easily explained. That was caused by fatigue due to participation in numerous tournaments. It was very rare case when initiative was given out to opponents. That’s why they had more goal chances than my boys. Another reason is confident and reliable performance by Ciaran Clark and other Southampton defenders


Beauty of goals against Norwich


I can’t ignore marvellous 7:0 victory. It’s just amazing! Don’t miss the goals and watch video. Almost each of them is beautiful! Due to the beauty, it was probably the most gorgeous game in all 8 seasons. The goals were scored in different styles:

  1. Ross Barkley made a great header from 13 meters. Promutico assisted passing ball from left flank.
  2. Absolutely perfect performance on the line and almost 0-angle goal by Alessandro Promutico. A rare one!
  3. Right back Carlos Villa with his off the bar strike.
  4. Amazing dribbling skills from Rodrigo. Norwich defense couldn’t stop him.
  5. Fantastic cross by Carlos Villa and typical finish by talented Robert Perrett.
  6. One touch goal by Carlos Fierro after nice cross from Robert Perrett.
  7. Ross Barkley showed good agility and balance to win ball after Bertrand’s cross.

Six Nottingham Forest players have match ratings >= 9.0!



Mourinho got frustrated once again

Sure, excellent win over Dortmund deserves attention. But I would like to tell about my second encounter with odious Jose Mourinho and his Real Madrid. The first one was at the group stage this season and end with 1:1 draw and 3:1 victory.

This time Nottm Forest players managed to achieve brilliant 3:0 win in quarterfinal reply game! With no chance for Mourinho. Well, I don’t like him in the real life and that’s why I’m even more pleased now :)



Weird goal by Promutico when Jack Butland, goalie of Real Madrid, wasn’t fighting for ball in 2 meters from goal line. The second goal was scored by beautiful top corner striker of Robert Perrett.

Forest players


Many players have been shining during the reported period. In particular, Rodrigo, Robert Perrett, Carlos Fierro and pair of mighty DCs Smalling and Hewitt have been standing out.

Hard-working Robert Perrett grows and should appear in the first team earlier than previously. He scores goals, makes assists, and feels equally good at ML and AMC positions. The latter is trained by me from zero.

Some words about Rodrigo. Some of you were telling me he doesn’t worth the money I paid. Again and again as with the case with Chris Smalling, I disagree. Rodrigo used mainly at AML and AMC positions. 15 goals and 11 assists in 28(4) match. Isn’t that enough? No? Ok! Rodrigo is also absolute leader by key passes in the team.


Mitchell Hewitt. Returned


Mitchell Hewitt has successfully recovered from 8-month injury and started show his world class level of performance from very first matches. He moved down Chris Smalling from the top line of Forest player list sorted by average match rating. Now I am happy to have this pair of superb centre backs and Stephen Kavanagh + Danny Batth on a substitution bench.


April’s Player of the Month

Three Forest players were competing for this Premier League award in April. Nice!


Future matches


Outcome is so close. Nottm Forest has excellent chances to win all trophies. Though there’s another side of the season: accumulated fatigue and tight schedule can hinder much. So it depends on my squad management skills. Selection of right starting line-ups is important here to achieve success!

Champions League semi final matches are going to be complicated. Facing rich PSG will turn into a real test. As you see I had never won a single match against them:


So stay tuned to find out whether Forest is able to win Premier League and Champions League at last!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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