Saturday, 24 August 2013

Football Manager 2014 User Interface Video

Hello my dear blog readers,

Yesterday Miles Jacobson fed up us with new FM 2014 video where he described user interface changes. In total it looks completely evolutional development. Nice and convenient changes that improve user experiences and give us something new. I’ve written some comments below after watching the video…

Features I liked

Season preview screen. It includes season odds, transfer activity and different players awards. Not a large addition but it looks nice.

Game continuation screen. Miles promised you can see more information and actually more relevant to you and your club information.

Player profile. The screen I use very often. That’s why new individual training widget seems useful because it allows to see player’s progress in a moment without going to the trainings tab.

New Analysis tab for player. It’s now easy to analyse player’s performance in every match.

Shortlist options. There’re some new settings allowing to control for how long players should be added to shortlist. Very helpful for me.

Option “Prevent teams which already have managers from being controlled” for those who to start a game in the most realistic way.

Some other small features I also liked:

  • Manager moves screen in Transfers section. It’s an overview of head coaches who changed their teams.
  • Media prediction view for League table.
  • Calendar bar with more interaction. Ability to arrange friendly game for instance.
  • World map in the scouting area.
  • Better colouring for selection of starting eleven.

Watch FM 2014 user interface video

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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