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Football Manager 2014 announcement

Football Manager 2014 announcement

Several hours ago SI Games made an amusing announcement of Football Manager 2014, the game which is anticipated by huge fanbase. I, as the author of the most popular Football Manager blog in the world, can’t miss the news and ready to share my reflections about announced FM 2014 features and published screenshots.

So it’s time to move on from abstract FM 14 idea sharing to real implemented features.

Original news appeared at Check it out! But don’t forget to return to this post with maybe somewhat more systemised information and my personal opinion regarding that. And please share the post with your friends :)

Environment to play Football Manager 2014

First and foremost, SI Games made a long step towards fans adding integration for Steam Workshop. You will be able to share or download any graphic packs which are normally very valued in our community. Custom competitions and challenges will be also there. Good news as for me!

FM 2014 supports Linux and cloud-based saves. The latter means you will be able to play your single career for any computer at any time. I doubt it will come in handy for me but surely some of you should try out it and find it useful as a result.

Tactical overhaul

The most intriguing change set. They say about "complete redesign” of tactical area including new player roles and better AI! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? There’re couple of screenshots uncovering few changes in tactical area.

Player instructions

Player instructions screen was essentially improved. I like performance area and fresh new Instructions. Editable instructions, you see the “Edit…” button…

FM 2014 Tactics - Player Instructions

Team instructions

Well, looks interesting. It’s something new. I think they decided to bring touchline shouts from additional part to base part of Football Manager tactics. Though we need more news about that to make any conclusions.

FM 2014 Tactics - Team Instructions

Match Engine improvements


I think it’s nothing at the moment. From year to year SI Games starts with some common message like this one. It doesn’t say anything concrete and we should wait for details.

Transfer module revamped

Numerous changes were made to the subsystem of transfers and contracts. The most important one is improvement of AI actions on a transfer market. I noticed in FM 2013 you start to overcome AI in making efficient transfers quite soon.

Football Manager 2014 Contract Clauses

Talks with club board become more detailed

Board and manager can make more demands making more interesting contract and initial job interview talks. An option to renegotiate transfer and wage budgets for loyalty to club after denying offer from another club sounds realistic and nice.

Here’re few examples of more sophisticated talks:

FM 2014 Board Negotiations

FM 2014 Board Negotiations 2

User interface enhancements

In my humble opinion UI is extremely important thing. SI Games have been improving it starting from first Championship Manager continuously. And it’s never-ending story just because complexity of the game grows and we need simple controls and screens to get a pleasure during gameplay.

Among all published pictures I’d like to single out lovely looking screenshot of training overview.

FM 2014 Training Overview

Inbox view

Each inbox item marked by vertical coloured lines. Nice! Additionally, offered player’s attributes shown inside news area what makes our life easier for sure.

FM 2014 News - Offered Player

FM 2014 News - Match Preview

News sub-tab

It’s interesting but too bright as for me.

Football Manager 2014 News

Player training report

That’s what I like! Changing training settings right from news area!

FM 2014 Training Report

Scouting report

Again nice feature to use!  I like to have one large shortlist. That’s why those Add To Shortlist quick buttons should be very convenient for me.

FM 2014 Scout Report

Season expectations

Football Manager 2014 Season Expectations

Other announced FM 2014 features

I paid also attention to the following small additions to the game:

  • Feedback of coaching staff about reserve and youth team performances
  • You will be able to ask one player to talk with another about his concerns
  • Improved media interaction
  • Two ways to make a transfer: old turn-based and new live mode
  • Transfer deadline day, match plan wizard and other changes for those who prefer Football Manager Classic mode.

Your opinion

How do you like the first Football Manager 2014 announcement? Pretty much information given to us. I think you have some minds and could share them in the comments below. I am kind of interested to see your reaction regarding the latest news.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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