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Danny Batth in FM 2013

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As you understand today I would like to discuss with you Danny Batth in Football Manager 2013. Danny is not a world class centre back, but he is one of continental level guys who improved Forest defensive line quite much. I would say Batth is pretty similar to Jamaal Lascelles, perhaps a little bit better and reliable as DC.

Let’s take a look how he has been performing in Nottingham Forest story:


Danny Batth in June 2016

Danny Batth in FM 2013

Read more about his transfer from Celtic to Nottingham Forest here: 20M for Tackling=20 and other transfers

Danny Batth in January 2020 (now)

Danny Batth in Football Manager 2013

Danny moved to Forest in being 25 years old.  Surely, you can’t expect serious growth of attribute values at that age. However, my training system worked out well for for him and increased several significant mental attributes:

  • Decisions: 13 => 15
  • Concentration: 14 => 16
  • Anticipation: 13 => 14
  • Composure: 12 => 13

Pros and Cons


1. Great as Limited Defender, very good in Central Defender role. Here’s highlighting of attributes for the latter role:


2. Can perform awesomely in important match. League Cup 4:0 win against Man Utd and two goals by Danny Batth as a prove: http://www.truefootballmanager.com/2013/06/the-3rd-league-cup-final-in-row-turns.html

3. Possesses good FM personality:



1. Danny is poor while passing the ball. You should limit his passing to very short. Or just set Limited Defender role.

2. Aerial performance is just above average. Could be better.

Stats: Danny Batth


Stable performance for Nottingham Forest in all seasons but the current. In the current one Chris Smalling displaced Batth from the first eleven. But he still remains an important Forest centre back who can withstand pressure in any big match. As another example – win in Europa League against Chelsea.

Stats in season 8:


What can you say about Danny Batth?

  • What’s your opinion of Batth in FM 2013 and real life?
  • How has he been performing and developing in your FM 2013 story?

The next post is going to be about Nottm Forest, winter transfers and latest match results. So just stay tuned!

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