Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Best real life players in FM 2013, 7 years later

Hi guys,

Not so long ago I’ve got the following comment at my blog:

HI could post another post about where players who are world best now (2013) like for example Luis Suarez, Ronaldo and Messi are at stage in your save…

I thought that’s a pretty nice idea! Such kind of information from my Nottm Forest story should be entertaining for many blog readers. So here were go. It’s February, 2020!

Lionel Messi

The best football player has the most high wage in the game.


Cristiano Ronaldo

High Natural Fitness allows Cristiano Ronaldo to perform great even in age of 35 years!



$54M. The largest value on a transfer market in my story.


Luis Suarez

Man City bought Suarez and doesn’t use him.


Mario Gotze

Mario has definitely the best abilities to make assists. Look at those 20s!


Iker Casillas

205 caps for Spain! Have you seen more?


Wayne Rooney

Rooney has been performing very well even being 34 years old and having average Natural Fitness. I think Man Utd will miss his much after his retirement.


Petr Cech

The man who brought Chealsea Champions League Cup in 2012 has declined physically but he is still the main goalie of the team.


Cesc Fabregas

Cesc didn’t change his club despite any rumours.


Jack Wilshere

Probably the largest traitor in the story! He left Arsenal for rival Chelsea and then Manchester United.


Gerard Pique

The best ball playing centre back.


Interesting that almost all great players didn’t change their clubs at all…

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed watching the screenshots.  There’re many players I could add to this post but it’s time to stop. If you are interested in someone, please ask me and I will add a corresponding picture via comments.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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