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Will Hughes in FM 2013

Hi guys,

One of the most exciting English wonderkids is Will Hughes. It’s my humble opinion which is shared by many other FM gamers. Will is certainly one of the best players in my Nottingham Forest. He is also present in my wonderkid list with TFM rating of 4.

So I’d like to tell you about my personal experience with him and try to point how to take full advantage of his presence in a squad.

Will Hughes in Football Manager 2013

Will Hughes in 2014, July

We are starting with arrival of Hughes to Forest and his initial attribute values.  The young talent moved from rival Derby County for $9.25M. It was a great transfer for Nottingham Forest  because we had got versatile English player with high prospective.

Will Hughes in FM 2013, Season 3

Will Hughes in 2019, January

Now let’s compare how his attribute values changed in 4.5 years.

Will Hughes in FM 2013, Season 7

Progress is obvious and quite high. The largest grow is detected for attributes:

  • Dribbling, Flair, Strength : +4 points
  • Passing: +3 points

I’m sure you can have better results in development having 5-star coaches and top training facilities. Don’t forget Will Hughes is only 23 years old and has 1-2 years for some more or less intensive growth.

Let’s take a look at his development graph where Attacking Midfielder attribute selected:

Development of Will Hughes during trainings

Following the coloured lines, you can see Will is in a period of stagnation. It’s difficult to name an exact reason but I have two variants: 1) age; 2) my experiments with individual training.

More than one year ago I replaced Attacking Midfielder role focus onto Inside Forward. It didn’t work out and now the previous role is selected again. Hope it will have a positive effect on Hughes.

Will Hughes - training focus

Pros and cons

Will Hughes is definitely very versatile footballer. He may cover any position in a midfield with exception of DMC. Will performs equally well in Box-To-Box Midfielder, Inside Forward, Winger, Advanced Playmaker roles. I can’t even choose which one is more suitable for him. At least my assistant manager insists on using him as Advanced Playmaker and Inside Forward.

Injury prone player. A shortness of injury list as a prove.

Injuries. Will Hughes

What I like most of all is his high determination and ability to change things in important matches. For instance, Hughes was the best Forest players in those dramatic three finals last season. Yes, he did try to change things scoring goals and making compelling moves with the ball but other attackers didn’t support him.


Shortcomings… Well he doesn’t really have serious shortcomings. I can see he lacks Bravery and Aggression which are below 10 in the attribute list. The English wonderkid has a weak right foot what is a bit strange for so flexible midfielder.

Statistics of Will Hughes

Will Hughes's career stats

Will doesn’t perform to have huge average ratings. But he is always good, stable and reliable. Perhaps the most reliable player in my Nottingham Forest.

Stats for the first half of the 7th season


This is how differently I have been use him this season. As for me Will Hughes plays well at any position.

Stats of Hughes

How is Will Hughes doing in your game?

It’s very interesting for me. Probably you can even put some screen shot in the comments below…

And what’s your total opinion of Will Hughes in FM 2013 and real life?


Excited to blog for you,

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