Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Shadowy hope before the last fixture

Hello my dear readers,

I am about to finish the 7th season being just in one fixture till the end. Suddenly I have received a slight hope to win Premier League. However, Manchester United must loose at the Old Trafford to let that happen. Which is unlikely as you understand…

In total I have to confess things are not so bad as I was reporting in one of the previous posts. I was a bit disheartened after failure in the Champions League and another home loss to Manchester United. In fact, now it can be stated Nottingham Forest is a strong force and becomes stronger and stronger…


Match reports

But let’s start with a couple of failed matches.

Loss instead win in FA Cup. Traditionally for this season



We should have won this game and then come very close to get FA Cup because of other weaker opponents in the final stage. All grand clubs already eliminated from the tournament. However, a damned traditional defeat happened when our advantage doesn’t transform into many scored goals. Though I am not disappointed too much because next season is coming up…

Champions League. Almost a miracle


As you remember Forest lost to Olympique Marseille with 1:3 score at the City Ground. It mean we must score at least three goals in the reply match to pass through. Ganso, Rodrigo, and Mitchell Hewitt did it! Another 1:3 on a scoreboard made me thinking of extra time, but unluckily, OM’s forward Rico spoilt everything. It could be a miraculous win but lack of our maturity and bad score in the first match worked out.


All PL matches were won!

Forest got out of English and European cups. At the same time my players had a perfect row of games in the Premier League. Very optimistic row actually! I’d like to single out lots of goals scored by debutant Promutico while Rodrigo being injured.


Now I am in excellent mood before the 8th season. Though it’s still one fixture for Nottm Forest to play in this season. Read more in the blog’s end :)

Forest players


My squad comments here are dedicated to just one player who is on the second line of squad sorted by average rating.

It seems like sale of Ademilson and buying Promutico instead was a great idea! Young Italian has already managed to score 12 goals and it’s awesome. He inspires me for the next season! I like Promutico’s high speed, good dribbling skills, bravery, determination, and decent abilities for winning headers.

Just watch his four goals against Brighton:

Shadowy hope


In the end I prepared the most tasty thing in a form of recovered PL title intrigue. Sure, Nottm Forest has a low chance to do anything and everything depends on Manchester United. But I hope season surprize Swansea will not give up so easy…

I play against Chelsea at home:


Man Utd has two matches to finish the season:


Jamaal Lascelles rallies the troops, though he’ll start the last fixture from substitution bench allowing to play Hewitt with Batth in pair…


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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