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Season 8. Transfers and youngster promotions

Hello my dear bloggers,

Now it’s time for reporting about summer transfer campaign and a couple of youngster promotions from Nottingham Forest reserves. In short, I can summarise I’m pretty happy and expect big trophies this season. In fact Nottingham Forest squad was never so strong and balanced…

Let’s take a look at the squad changes in details.


Reserve team promotions

Here are Nottingham Forest Reserves stats for the passed season.


You see who is the top by average rating having 8.17. I couldn’t reject myself to promote Tim Witt to the first team. Moreover, I decide to make him the 4th forward giving some preferences over other competitors at this position.


Have you noticed how many goals Tim Witt managed to score for U21 national team?

Another youngster who has also become a main team player is Zvjezdan Skoric. The Croatian is an absolute wonderkid with potential of Mitchell Hewitt and Mo Cairns. Left flank in midfield is one of them most weak positions now, so this promotion does make sense.



My transfer market activity was average this summer. I didn’t buy too many players, at least if we say about first team. Though quite many Forest footballers changed their club due to high competition for places in the first eleven.

Players out


I was choosing between Jamaal Lascelles and Steven Caulker to put on one of them on a transfer list. The preference was given to the former because Lascelles:

  • belongs to favoured Forest personnel and has high club loyalty
  • can play at DR position where I decided to use him more often. Just set new position training for him.

Getting $18M for Caulker became a good piece of business.

Top transfer by value is John McLeish’s departure to Arsenal. They offered $24M + $6M as monthly instalments and I was glad to accept it. I had too many strikers and had to choose between all of them before every game. Therefore I understood the quantity of Forest strikers should become restricted to four. This is why not McLeish but also Tomas Necid was sold. Additionally, Vygovskyi was loaned out.

The last but not least, I thanked Samir Handanovic for all his great saves (especially penalties), for being reliable goalkeeper in many crucial matches, and decided to sell him. He is not a kind of goalie who can sit on a substitution bench while Steven Georcelin plays. Moreover, Samir’s salary was around $60K per week…

Players in


1. Chris Smalling (DC, DR) – $36M + $27M of monthly instalments (12 months)


This is how much I decided to pay for Chris Smalling. He has also become Forest top earner overcoming $190K wage of Mitchell Hewitt. It’s a right decision to pay that much due to several reasons:

  • Smalling is a world class centre back who can play at the right flank as well.
  • Manchester United defence was weakened quite much.
  • It’s not a problem Tackling equals 14. Other high attributes should certainly compensate it. One should consider any player as a package of abilities.
  • English nationality.

2. Alexey Solodukhin (DMC, MC) – Free


I had also signed another one player who is intended to be used in Forest starting line up. Alexey Solodukhin is an excellent anchor man with brilliant mental skills. He is one of the best players in Russian national team.

I deem Alexey will pull out Paterson from the first eleven because he is simply better than Scottish talent.

image  image

Bought youngsters

You know me. I can’t stop signing and buying talents for Nottingham Forest Reserves :)




Team report after transfers



Financial information of Nottingham Forest is definitely pleasing me. High balance, lots of space to grow salaries, and still $31M for transfers. Though I am not going to buy anyone later on in winter.


Top player wages in Nottingham Forest:


Season expectations: Win the league!


Now probably one of the main facts. I had a choice to claim I will the title for Nottingham Forest instead of just being a title contender. I know it’s risk that may end up with my dismissal, but it’s time when I can pour some oil to the flames and see what will happen.

So we are going for Premier League title and Champions League cup.

Hewitt! We have a problem :(


It happened in two or three weeks from claiming PL title target. Nottingham Forest has lost its best player for the first half of season or even more. It’s sad but now I have Chris Smalling and hope young Kavanagh and experienced Batth will perform as well as they can.


Title odds are very decent. At first Forest got into top 4 by predictions of Sky Bet and all media. See the green rectangle below. It underlines not only high Media Prediction but also high professional team personality. I strongly believe my squad selection policy should become a key to get so-dreamt trophies.


Here we go!

Starting PL matches are really tough and will become a serious test for my title ambitions.


Without Hewitt but with lots of other good players, I hope to see Nottingham Forest dreams coming true.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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