Monday, 29 July 2013

Season 8. Journey for trophies has begun!

Hi everybody,

I am already in October of season 8 and can boast about the first results. You know the best European defender Mitchell Hewitt is absent due to a long-term injury for more than half of year. But it didn’t hinder to show great football and almost perfect results.  This is the start I merely love!



It was nearly ideal starting period of matches. The only unplanned loss of points happened at the Stadium of Light against Sunderland. Classic match type actually. We had lots of good moments and the score should be something like 5:2 or 6:2.

In the beginning I was quite anxious to open the season at the Old Trafford. But Nottm Forest manage to withstand pressure from the Red Devils and it was more or less equal game as a result. Inspiring one!

Arsenal – Nottingham Forest 1:3

The victory I’m proud of. Playing away matches against Arsenal is always very difficult test for my team. However, this time my boys overcame the Gunners in all football parameters playing the new fluid 4-2-3-1 tactics. I have already posted the match stats there. So now I’d like to share goals. It’s worth watching because of fantastic goal and assist by Rodrigo.

Beating Tottenham in last minutes

Another title contender Tottenham was beaten with problems. The match could turn into goalless draw despite awesome performance by Nottingham Forest. But then word was taken by Ganso who is normally in a shadow of other Forest players. In this case, the Brazilian experienced playmaker led Forest to another important win coming from substitution bench.


4-2-3-1 control tactic was used to win this match.

Pay attention also to match ratings and stats of debutants Smalling and Solodukhin.


Punishment of Petr Cech

One of my favourite matches during the reported period. Chelsea goalie Petr Cech always performs well independently of his age. Though he has no chances to save another game against Nottm Forest. My attackers simply destroyed Chelsea defensive line and were jeering at Cech in different ways.

Just watch the goals!


Premier League title race headed by Manchester City


As you’ve just seen, Man City leads the table and this year they have the best squad in Premier League due to the perfect transfer campaign. Just look at top players who arrived to Manchester:



What a tough challenge for title awaits Nottingham Forest!

By the way, I was competing was Man City for Gino Peruzzi at free transfer market. But the Argentinian decided to join more rich club…

Champions League

Few words about Champions League. Nottm Forest got into a tough group with Real Madrid and Roma and started well. Real had a little advantage at Santiago Bernabeu but didn’t seize on it. Moreover, my defenders were playing very well in that match. I feel my team class has grown much and we don’t afraid any opponents in any circumstances whether it’s injury crisis or low morale level…

Panathinaikos was simply crushed at the City Ground with 7:1 score. I think this goal difference can be significant in the end if we face problems against Roma making just two draws with them, for instance.



Nottingham Forest players


Chris Smalling arrived to Nottingham Forest for $53M from Man Utd to make a superb English pair of centre backs with Hewitt. But due to injury of his famous partner, he got to lead new defence, and he did it, really did it! Chris made more appearances than any other Forest defender having 7.87 average match rating. The former Man Utd player impressed me much with total reliability and ability to read game taking right positions and winning important headers.

I wasn’t almost hesitating Chris Smalling is worth that may be enormous money paid for him. Anyway he was the best player of Manchester United, English champions.

The first Russian in Nottingham Forest Alexey Solodukhin has also met my expectations. I decided he’s better than Dean Paterson and trusted him to play in the matches against grand clubs. He thanked me with great tackling and total performance in the midfield. Somebody was saying speed doesn’t matter for defensive midfielder. I disagree with this point. Solodukhin with Pace=14 and Acceleration=18 works on a pitch like a tiger going for opponent players so fast and, thusly, arranging counter-attacks…

Good performance shown by Carlos Fierro who is leading among Forest goal scorers for now. Hopefully he will continue this way.

Jamaal Lascelles: two matches as DR, two matches as DC


It was right decision not to sell Jamaal Lascelles. Actually he is one of my favourites despite being not so great centre back as Hewitt, Smalling or Kavanagh. This is why I tend to use him more at right flank when opponent is strong and plays dangerous wingers.

It worked out at Santiago Bernabeu: Lascelles provided safety against mighty Cristiano Ronaldo.

Upcoming games


In theory Nottm Forest should take a lead in Premier League because there’re no grand clubs to play against during this period. But it depends on whether team maintain current excellent form.

There’re also decisive encounters with Roma ahead and League Cup match with Manchester City. The latter is important because we will have chance to decrease their morale level and catch them up in Premier League as a result.

So what’s your opinion of the season start?

Do some of you still think my team was weakened during the latest transfer window?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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