Friday, 19 July 2013

Season 7. Summary and questions

Hello my readers,

I’m glad you are joining me again. And here’s the final blog for season 7 where summing up some things. First and foremost, the last PL fixture’s outcome. Nottm Forest had a shadowy hope to win a title but the Red Devils must loose against Swansea for that. They give us no chance.


My guys won in the last fixture as well providing a comeback and high quantity of shots. It was the 11th win in a row!




So this is how season 7 finished. 88 points which are normally enough to win PL title have brought the 2nd position. But I don’t complain because it’s the best result for my Nottingham Forest. Though I go the first  story target failed…


Champions League is won by Arsenal

English clubs dominate in Europe in my story. I was wondered to see how easy Arsenal beat Milan in the Champions League final. All goals were scored by real (non-regen) players as you see.


The best Forest players

Surely, number one is Mitchell Hewitt. His total average rating is 7.97 (8.01 in Premier League). Mitchell managed to earn 15 MoMs, English Players’ Player of the Year and Fans’ Player of the Year awards.


Will Hughes together with Hewitt got into the Best Eleven of Premier League.


And here’re some other stats showing Rodrigo as top goalscorer and Gylfi Sigurdsson with the highest assist quantity. These two footballers + Hewitt and Hughes form a core part of Nottingham Forest and should lead our club to big trophies next year!


Total season summary. Premier League + Championship.


Replace one Triple C tactic?

The first question to you. Let me explain the issue.


Currently I am thinking of the first tactic replacement since the very Forest story start. As you see from the above-placed screenshot, counter attacking 4-1-2-1-2 tactics is certainly underperforming in comparison with two other ones.

I didn’t check Tactic Analysis section for long time. But then I felt something is going wrong with my narrow diamond formation. And actually it’s even not a problem in formation but in counter-attacking strategy. As for me it’s pretty understandable why well-working tactics worsened much in its results. The reason is:

Counter attacks worked great against stronger clubs. Now any of grand clubs is not really or really much stronger than Nottingham Forest. Playing counter-attacking strategy doesn’t make sense because my team can always take advantage of ball control. Forest squad strength allows that.

So now I am going to replace the tactics with some new one. My first intention is to have AMR position in formation letting explosive Rick Stevens to realise his winger potential completely.

Do you support me in that? Any reasonable ideas of new tactics from you?

Should I try to spend much for Chris Smalling?


Another question you can help me to answer. As you see I can already buy Chris Smalling. Luckily, Nottm Forest reputation has grown this season as well. Acquiring experienced Chris Smalling could help to reach a couple of goals:

  • Buy world-class centre back in pair to Mitchell Hewitt.
  • Weaken Manchester United defence and decrease their chances to win Premier League once more.


Very robust and top quality centre back who can easily play at right flank. But it’s not all. Look at his season stats. It’s just amazing!!!


This season Chris Smalling was the best player of Man Utd having more than 50 appearances! Awesome!


Now when you’ve just seen Smalling’s stats, how do you consider whether I should spend $35-45M for Chris?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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