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New 4-2-3-1 tactics I created

Hi guys,

Here I have already started to play the 8th season in Nottingham Forest story and would like to present my new FM 2013 tactics. It’s created for replacement of counter-attacking narrow 4-1-2-1-2 which is not so usable because Forest turned into a real force which I believe doesn’t need to play defensive football with keen sudden attacking moves.

I have already started season 8 and successfully used the tactics. Therefore I can share it here now.

Pragmatic tactical approach

When I was thinking of new tactic, I decided to continue being pragmatic in Nottingham Forest story. The reason is that I want to win at least one big trophy without having risks due to experiments which were normally made during my previous stories. Thus I choose wide 4-2-3-1 formation with the following team instructions:
FM13 tactics 

It differs quite much from my Triple C tactics used for Nottm Forest. I’d like to emphasize several significant properties of the new tactic.

1. Three inside forwards

At first in FM 2013 I am going to use flanks much. 3 inside forwards should become a nightmare providing many goals. I have a good set of players for AMR/AML positions lead by Stevens and Rodrigo.

2. Fluid philosophy

Triple C tactics are based on Balanced style. I decided it’s time to show more fluid football and quite sure it will work out because of many versatile players in the squad.
It should also help creative players like Fierro and Ganso show their full potential.

3. Direct passing style and quick tempo

Extremely important tactic feature in support to high creative freedom. My central midfielders, wing backs and even goalie should make accurate long passes to the attacking four.
The style differs from short passing provided by two other Triple C tactics. That’s why I can juggle the new tactics with other ones more efficiently and get better result. I propagate tactical diversity.

Example of successful use

I have already played five matches in season 8 and used the new tactics with success. The best result and quality of football was shown against might last season Champions League winners – Arsenal.
On the one hand, Nottm Forest overcame the Gunners in away match by quantity of shots and dangerous moments.  On the other hand, my team manage to withstand defensively against rich Arsenal’s midfield.
That’s what I exactly wanted to have creating this FM13 tactic.
image image

Download my new FM13 tactics

Here’s the link for you to download:
4-2-3-1 TFM Direct 
Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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