Wednesday, 10 July 2013

All of a sudden, Ademilson went to Anji!

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Short post today which is dedicated to unexpected news from Nottingham Forest story! I decided to sell Ademilson during the last week of winter transfer window. Why did it happen, you can ask. There are several reasons actually:

  • Ademilson didn’t become a goal scoring machine and irreplaceable Forest forward.
  • I found a player of nearly the same level but younger one.
  • The newbie was wanted very much by Manchester City and I had an opportunity to hinder strengthening them. So they remained with 30+ years old Dzeko and Aguero in front.
  • I earned $25M selling Ademilson and buying new forward.

Quite reasonable decision, do you agree?

Player in:


and player out:


+$25.5M. A simple arithmetic :)

Other players who left the team:


You see Mason Bennett’s time in Nottingham Forest is over. His contract was coming to the end in six months therefore I got $2.7M only.

Some financial information after these transfers in addition:


Comparison: Ademilson vs Alessandro Promutico


If we take a look at attributes only, we can see nearly equal strikers above. Ademilson is better in:

First Touch, Agility, Stamina, and set of mental skills including crucial for strikers Anticipation and Composure.

At the same time Alessandro Promutico has higher values of:

Dribbling, Heading, Jumping, Determination, Bravery, Pace, Acceleration.

The Italian is not so mentally good as physically. He’s more explosive than Ademilson and can score headers.

Advantages of Promutico over Ademilson

I believe spending almost $20M for Promutico was a good deal because of prospect, very soon prospect. 22 years of age mean he can have a growth during upcoming years. I expect mental attributes grow in particular.


Advantage #2 is ability to play as attacking midfielder. I use the control tactics with 3 AMCs often and it’s awesome when a forward can play from a deeper stage of attack.


The last but not least, it’s a thing I paid much attention to. Promutico has a personality trait of Professional and should perform well in Important Matches. That’s what Nottm Forest often lacks while playing finals or decisive games!

image image

You opinion is appreciated

How do you like Alessandro Promutico?

Was it a smart move to sell Ademilson?


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Vitaliy Mokosiy

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