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Three finals

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Season 6 is over and I am ready to tell you how many trophies Nottingham Forest won. I won’t uncover right now, please read the post gradually. It describes each of three finals which my club participated in:

  • FA Cup
  • Premier League (yes, PL final because title contenders met in the last fixture)
  • Champions League

So much pressure awaited my inexperienced players…

FA Cup Final

image imageStats[5]

The Hotspurs shocked me with two early goals taking 2:0 lead on the 5th minute. Tomas Necid and Carlos Fierro created one goal in the first half and I became quite optimistic thinking of beautiful comeback. However, Hugo Lloris and reliable Tottenham defenders didn’t allow many good chances.

Statistically we were somewhat better but who cares about stats when you play at the Wembley


So my Forest is a runner up two times in a row.


Premier League “Final”

A rough mistake of Joe Allen during injury time cost us two points against Norwich before the last fixture. Firstly, he lost the ball in the centre of the midfield, and then Norwich arranged a counter-attack forcing Allen to fault almost in the area. Curling free kick by Jonny Howson moved down my club to the 2nd line in the table.  I was so angry I promised myself to sell Allen in summer.


It was a real luck not to have Rooney and Neymar among Man Utd’s first eleven. They both were injured but it didn’t help…

image image


As you see by stats Forest should have won this game and title as a result…

Last 15 minutes of the game were absolutely dramatic and painful for me… I was so happy and almost jumping on my couch after ricochet goal by Fierro on the 80th minute. But referee disallowed it. And then Javi Martinez suddenly bagged a goal during injury time… What a disappointment! My Forest has moved down to the 3rd place after all :((((

Watch the goals:

The Red Devils returned title to Manchester.


Final PL table standing:


Champions League Final


Chances of both clubs were equal. Our head-to-head history was hindering anything may happen in the final…


Team of Roberto Mancini had problems in defence missing Kompany, Clichy, Kaboul and having jaded leading centre back Dede. I had missing Ademilson due to his red card in one of the semi-final matches. I had to choose between Necid and Bennett. Instinctively Bennett was selected into the starting line-up. Well, it was a mistake. 

My first PL final started with quick goal by fast and technical Kun Aguero. Then we had several good but failed chances by Mitchell Hewitt, Mason Bennett, Carlos Fierro. Substitution of Mason Bennett after break who was very nervous and poorly performing that evening worked out. Forest newcomer Tomas Necid showed who is the king in air after head pass by Will Hughes.

Then Manchester City changed tactics into 3-4-1-2 formation and managed to overcome our pressure scoring twice. Aguero added his 2nd goal with a deftly executed finish from close range. 35-year old Yaya Toure impressed everyone and even me with excellent performance this day. He score the third one by Man City and hammered a nail into a coffin of my trophy hopes. Will Hughes managed to score back but it happened in one minute before whistle. Too late, too late…

Though in total, taking into account all three finals, Will Hughes showed himself the most determined and frankly speaking best player Forest player.



At least I had a great TV and prize money what fulfilled Forest budget much after all. The money should help next season because it’s my dead line to win Premier League title according to the set Forest story goals:

Story targets and restrictions

That was a season ending I hadn’t expected. Three finals turned into three dramas with equal outcome. Now I need some time to recover because of lot of emotions…


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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