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The 3rd League Cup final in a row turns into Batth+Bennett show

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I am glad you keep following Nottingham Forest story. It’s season 6 now. The period I am reporting about started with the last days of transfer window. I didn’t do any new transfers in addition to the described in “Ganso joined Nottingham Forest” post. But other clubs were quite active. The market was shook by transfer of Jack Wilshere from Chelsea to Manchester United…



The 3rd League Cup in a row

The Red Devils could not use Rooney and De Gea due to their injuries. Lucky strike for me of course.

image imageMatch statsimage

I won League cup third time in a row. It’s the achievement I am really proud of. It moved my person as head coach into the Icons of the club. Next step is to become a legend like a Brian Clough.

With the classic 4-4-2 tactics, Nottm Forest played more efficient football and seized on all chances. Pair of defenders Caulker + Batth was very confident against Neymar, Kagawa, and Angelo Henriques. That’s why the Red Devils could only threaten from a long range what was of course not that efficient.

My boys were absolutely amazing in front of goal and scored all chances they had. They merely played better football despite the equal amount of shots. Look at the Crossing and Headers Won percentages above.


Ganso showed merely great performance as an architect. Almost all goals was arranged by Forest newcomer from Brazil. And surely I should praise doubles made by perfect centre back Danny Batth and explosive Mason Bennett.

See all the goals:

CL match against Napoli

Napoli is leading in Seria A in my game. They scored more and conceded less than any other Italian club. However, they have never won the league or any European cup yet.

The toughest task was to withstand might Napoli attack Cavani + Insigne. Just look at their stats.



My team managed to cope with emotions and played very rationally to achieve 1:0 away win. Now we should qualify into the quarter finals I think.

Premier League


Exciting performance, numerous scored goals, improved reliability in defence means Nottm Forest turned into a grand club and has a big value in the world football. Though fans await for title in the Premier League and winning Champions League. If current form continues, we will be able to gain success at least in one of the tournaments.

Beautiful goals in the match vs Q.P.R

I decided to single out this game because of lovely goals scored by Forest players. See the highlights below.


Watford – Nottingham Forest 2:3


You could have a question why I am writing about this match. Watford is predicted by media to finish at the 20th place and going in the middle of PL table standing. But it’s still not the reason. Watford has many former Nottm Forest players in the squad! Two of them, Simon Cox and Lewis McGugan, even scored goals against their former club.

Also, there were Billy Sharp, Neil Eardley, and goalie Michalis Sifakis facing the former team.

image image

Premier League table


What a challenging season! We are among title contenders. Manchester United lost several points and allowed Forest, Arsenal, and Tottenham approaching to them in the table. Currently the Gunners possess similarly amazing form as my team and next game against them will mean a lot and can change things much.

Nottm Forest players


I have never had such a huge squad but it helps much to get good results in all the tournaments. Rotation, rotation, rotation! Almost everybody has permanent match practice in Nottm Forest.

Some words about the newbies who arrived to Forest in winter:

  • Tomas Necid. You see him being the second in the player list sorted by average rating. Necid started to score goals from the very first game and have 6 goals in total.
  • Ganso. Needs time to adapt. Nevertheless, he already shown an extremely great way of thinking on the pitch. 4 assists in 7 match is a confirmation.
  • Ryan Bernard. Finally! I found the left back who plays the football I expect. Superb!
  • Steven Georcelin. I use this goalie in rotation with Handanovic. He participates in less important matches but already shows signs of future world-class goalkeeper.

As for the English players in Nottingham Forest squad. I have just set my personal record: 7 footballers were called to English nation squad!


Danny Batth – MVP

Danny gets my personal award for the reported period. He is one of the League Cup victory makers with 2 scored goals and nearly a perfect defender. His average rating in the last 5 games is 8.24.


Closest future


Yes, the new record. 12 wins in a row is not a joke! Most like our successful series should end soon because matches against Arsenal, Man City, and Chelsea are straight ahead. Difficult and incredibly significant interval of season awaits for Nottm Forest very soon…

Matches ahead

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