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Several key matches that will influence results in the season

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You continue to read my blog and Forest story, many thanks for that! :-) Today’s post is fully dedicated to the period when I had to play against Arsenal, Man City, Napoli, and Chelsea in a row. A tough one! And as you see below my team didn’t manage to win all the games. I’d like to consider these four matches in details right now.


Key matches

Nottm Forest – Arsenal 0:1

Match stats

Very good defensive play by both teams.  Arsenal can’t do nothing apart from long shots and had no chances with the exception of the weird goal. It was a sudden mistake by Handanovic in air on the 90th minute when Fabio Borini headed the ball towards the goal. Unluckily, Ademilson didn’t manage to seize on two very good chances he had.  In the first of them Szczesny was a perfect ball saver, the post helped the Polish goalie in another moment.

Man City – Nottm Forest 2:1

Nearly the same events happened in the other vital match against Man City. We took a lead after brilliant individual effort by Ademilson. But after that Ademilson, Fierro, Allen failed all fantastic goal chances they had – Joe Hart was simply incredible. But we did deserve a win or at least draw according to the match stats.


Angry and crushing performance against Napoli

Two losses in the Premier League made me very aggressive in process of tactics choice for the reply match with Napoli. By logic I should choose classic 4-4-2 formation after away 1:0 victory over Napoli. However, I decided not to play rational football and preferred the most attacking formation I have. Tomas Necid replaced both Ademilson and Fierro who were unconvincing in the latest two games.

image image


It was outstanding performance by Nottingham Forest! Best match in the season for sure! Necid thanked me with two goals and one assist getting Man of the Match award. It seems towering forward fits very well into all my Triple C tactics.

Pay attention 6 Forest players have match rating >= 9.0!


Watch the goals:

Typical Mason Bennett

We couldn’t loss to Chelsea this time. Moreover, they have been stopping to be a grand club finishing often below TOP-4. Additionally, Chelsea sold one of their leaders Jack Wilshere to Manchester United. So I felt we had to win.


It was show of Mason Bennett. Very typical performance and very typical goals for him (watch another video below). Rebounds, one-touch goals, explosive runs… His ability to accelerate and struggle for balls is simply great. It was storming hat-trick game for the Englishman, the best one in the season for him.

Still in PL title race

Two abovementioned defeats to Arsenal and Man City didn’t fail my total chance to finish at the top of the table and get so-dreamt the first Premier League title. The Red Devils have 5-point lead at the moment but they don’t seem very stable and started to loose points at the same time with Nottm Forest. So I hope they will continue doing that and we will to our 100% winning style reported in the previous Forest story post.

What’s your forecast I wonder?


Forest players


Winter newcomers Bertrand, Ganso, Georcelin, and particularly Necid show good performance. They won’t need time to blend into the squad and it means they should help much in fight for PL title and Champions League Cup.

There’s only one underperforming footballer – Jonjo Shelvey. He doesn’t show any signs of growth, I mean quality of his football remains at the same level. He is the worst centre midfielder in Nottm Forest and most likely will be sold in summer despite his English passport.

Steven Caulker has the 3rd average rating what is awesome as a fact. Of course, he strengthened Forest defensive line. But his high rating doesn’t mean he is better than Batth and Lascelles. Caulker has been alternating every 4-5 excellent matches with one when he makes rough mistakes that lead to goals. So I would say he is the fourth DC of Nottingham Forest by performance.

Best player of the reported period


Rick Stevens is a Forest rocket with ability to make lots of assists! Dutch wonderkid has started to turn into a world-class footballer. In particular, my training for new position helped a lot. Now he plays not only as MR but also as AMC. This versatility allows the young talent to participate in any of my Triple C tactics. Stevens is especially good as inside forward at AMC position.



Champions League draw


I had a draw and got a decent opponent. Surely, Sevilla is better than any other Spanish club at this stage. Though we’ll see because they differ from Napoli. Napoli had stronger attack and weaker defence, meanwhile Sevilla is a balanced team. Normally balanced teams are harder to beat for Nottm Forest.

Here are the other matches I should play in April and May.


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