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Jamaal Lascelles in FM 2013

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Today’s post is clearly dedicated to one of my favourite players in Football Manager 2013. He is definitely one of the wonderkids. Forest academy graduate Jamaal Lascelles has been Nottingham Forest captain since the second season (which was my PL debut).

Just think about that: he got a captain armlet being only 19 years old.

I do hope to retain Jamaal Lascelles in Nottm Forest till the end of the story. He will become a single original Forest player who is absolutely dedicated to his club like great Ryan Giggs.

OK, let’s start with comparison of his initial values of attributes with current ones.

Jamaal Lascelles in 2012image

Jamaal Lascelles in January, 2018


Obviously, Lascelles having already 16 caps for England grew much. Just look how much Concentration, Positionion or Strength increased! Plus 5 or even 6 points in 5.5 years!

The most intensive period of growth was during the first three years of course. Apart from training process, one of key factors was a continual match practice for Jamaal. He was my captain appearing always in the first eleven.


Slight decrease in summer and autumn of 2016 was caused by long-term injury. Few attributes like Jumping haven’t even recovered after that…:(

Individual training focus for Jamaal helped a lot to achieve this result:


Pros and Cons

Jamaal works well on the pitch as a captain. What I like also is a feeling of reliability when he goes into tackle. Lascelles is a quite error-prone centre back with high Pace (15) and Acceleration (14).

Among the cons that hinder him to become a world class defender the following ones:

  • Some weakness in air due to average Jumping (13).
  • Average teamwork and bravery levels.

Stats: Jamaal Lascelles


Very stable defender without any failed season. As you see average rating is above always 7.30. And it seems Jamaal started to play even better

Stats of Lascelles in the middle of the sixth season


By the way, now I use him in rotation mode. Jamaal plays in pair with wonderkid Mitchell Hewitt. Their couple is rotated by Batth-Caulker pair in every second match.

Interesting fact: Jamaal has already managed to score 5 goals in 20(7) matches what is his best result in the whole career. Most goals were headers. Though the last one in the match with Q.P.R. is not usual and quite beautiful:

Couple of questions

  • What do you think about Jamaal Lascelles?
  • How has Jamaal been performing and developing in your FM 2013 story? I hope some grand club bought him ;)

The next post will be about Nottigham Forest and latest results. Today or tomorrow I am going to play against Napoli in the first knockout round of Champions League.

Excited to blog for you,

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