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Squad management tricks in FM 2013

How do I manage and rotate the squad? This question I receive from time to time from blog readers. Today I would like to share several principles used by me for Nottingham Forest in Football Manager 2013.

1. 100% Match Fitness


I follow not only condition level of every player but also match fitness. My hand is always on a squad pulse: all players have to have 100% of match fitness at any moment during season. How can one achieve that? It’s quite simply. Use squad rotation and - what is more important – availability for reserves.

As a good example, Nottingham Forest has Henri Lansbury who has been play for the club for 6 seasons in my game. He is certainly absolute backup level player now because I have more classy midfielders. But Lansbury’s level of match fitness is always 100% because I made him available for reserve squad.


2. Rotate carefully

Sometimes you feel yourself very shrewd and self-assured against weaker opponents. Quite often such an opponent may punish your team knocking out it from national cup or causing unexpected losses of points. So try to rotate carefully leaving at least a half of core players on a pitch.

I have to confess I don’t always stick to this principle. In rare cases it’s soooooo tempting to give some match experience to substitution bench players and give rest to all your main guys. For example, see my squad for home game against Brighton in the Premier League. Almost all footballers are from backup:

Rotate carefully

But this is a bad example, believe me :-)

3. Give rest after match

Rest after match

Here is my match training in Nottingham Forest story. Taking into account my experience, your players may get very tired in the end of season if you don’t enable “Allow rest after match” checkbox. Some of those whose Stamina is not high may become totally jaded.

4. Condition above 94%

I select only those players for the first eleven whose condition is above 94%. Other should have some rest and can be used from substitution bench. That’s why you may see Rakytskiy, Ignojvski, and Hewitt unselected below.


Don’t forget also training intensity influences condition much.


So do you agree with my ideas? What principles do you stick to?

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