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Not the best matches in Premier League

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Thanks you for joining my Nottingham Forest story once again. I do think my team is able to fight for the title this year considering the squad depth and excellent teamwork by squad skeleton from the last season. So it would be great to make an amazing season. Hope you continue to follow the story. Moreover, there’re going to be some surprizes from you during the winter transfer window: I already have a couple big names joining Forest for free in January but don’t want to uncover their names right now.

Roller-coaster start in Premier League


Looking into the table and latest results, you may not understand my mood and feeling Forest are title contenders this season. But try to understand we were at the top of the table after the first five fixtures and then got into the awful series of 3 losses. It just looks like accident. I think it should never happen this season anymore. Obviously, 15 goals conceded in 8 matches is very poor result meaning I have some problems in the defensive line. But I do hope Forest will cope this little stagnation in the next games.

That’s why I don’t want to analyse won games today. It’s more important to pay attention and get deeper into stats of the losses.

Forest – Watford 1:2

Match stats agaisnt Watford

The main reason of the loss is in the squad selection. I was making too many experiments in the midfield and attack letting Mo Cairns, Thomas Drage, just restored from injury Jonjo Shelvey, and still non-adapted Carlos Fierro to play together.

Goals were conceded because of my wing backs. There were the poor back-pass from Villa and the penalty fault by Rakitskyi.


Interesting that Watford has lots of former Forest players: Simon Cox, Neil Eardley, Michalis Sifakis, Billy Sharp, Lewis McGugan. Maybe this fact helped them to withstand pressure and win three points at the City Ground :)

Forest – Man City 0:3


You may not believe but it was a really equal game. Strangely, Carlos Fierro didn’t seize on at least one of 3 great chances and we didn’t score at all. Additionally, two marking mistakes by Rakitskyi underlined we’re not ready to win this game today despite the earlier 2:0 League Cup victory. That was disappointing because normally we play very well against Man City.


Match stats

Decent start in the Champions League

Bayern - Forest

Forest made a poor debut in the Champions League group against mighty Bayern Munich. The German team was merely better in this one and we could offer nothing against their pragmatic football. It’s sad to say but left back Rakitskyi let down me once again…


Forest - Anderlecht

Nothing really to comment here. You see the match stats and understand the total advantage Nottm Forest had. Anderlecht was really lucky to concede twice only. I can just say I was using the control 4-2-3-1 tactics in the game.


Lyon - Forest

Extra-important match for Nottingham Forest in context of promotion from the group. Moreover, it was played after the two abovementioned losses in PL to Watford and Man City. So it was a kind of anxious encounter for six points as they say. I should thank counter-attacking strategy applied to the classic 4-4-2 formation,  Samir Handanovic for his brilliant saves and Jamaal Lascelles (Man of the Match) winning almost all tackles against dangerous French striker Alexandre Lacazette.

After all my team feels quite comfortable at the 2nd line. Having two home matches against Lyon and Bayern, and one away game versus Anderlecht in future. I would say our chances to qualify into the first knockout round are excellent.


Forest players + Jonny Howson


Mitchell Hewitt and Gylfi Sigurdsson have returned leading positions by average rating and other stats. These two players are the most vital for Nottm Forest. Good and reliable performance was surprisingly shown by Christian Otto. He make me hesitating about giving a higher preference to Carlos Villa as a right back.

Now some critics for players who deserved that. Well, Carlos Fierro still blending into the team and it cost 3-4 points because I set him in the first eleven instead of either Bennett or Pitarque. Time is ticking out.

The worst player during season start is suddenly experienced Yaroslav Rakitskyi. The Ukrainian made tons of mistakes during the last matches and disappointed me much. He is the main reason of too many conceded goals. So this is the reason why I am going to punish him and make Fabio Coentrao my main left back.

Yaroslav Rakytskyi in FM 2013

The first cap for Jonny Howson


Jonny Howson is Norwich leader in my game. He was invited to debut in England and thanked to Brendan Rodgers as national team’s head coach with double against Estonia.

Howson is placed onto my shortlist since the very first matches in FM 2013. Although his price was already high and has just been growing since that time, I can’t stop following and hope to see him in Forest some day.

First cap for HowsonHowson

Upcoming fixtures


Nottm Forest should win all games in November. Really. May be one draw is allowed. But we should stop loosing points to remain among title contenders. For that I should also forget about both English cups and use backup players.

Northern Ireland! Once again!

Northern Ireland

Surprize! I haven’t been managing any national teams for long because I didn’t want to loose time on that. But now I thought: “I can use existing Triple C approach and just select a national squad for it”. That’s why it won’t impede my club story.

By the way, I was quite successful last time with Northern Ireland. So I have some kind of feelings to the nation and chose it over other nations without head coach like Uruguay, Paraguay, Turkey.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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