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My favourite FM12 player joined my FM13 club!

I am starting my transfer campaign description with this pompous post title. There’s no sense to hide the player’s name from you. Moreover, long-time blog readers have just guessed it I bet. It’s Carlos Fierro! More details about this and other transfers mentioned below.

Season 6 expectations

According to the story targets, I should have promote into Champions League in 6 seasons. As you know I achieved that in the last season. So there are only two targets to achieve:


I thought: “let’s accelerate the story and make it more extreme!” Thus I decided to force competition for Premier League title and claimed the board I am ready for this tough challenge against Manchester, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal as the last title winners.

Title challenge

Here are title odds from Sky Bet. Nottm Forest is mentioned with the 6th odd at first during the story.


Media prediction is also the same.


Players out


Lots of loans here to provide some first team experiences for the teams… But I would like to emphasize several player sales:

  1. Eneko Navarro (DC, DMC) – $6.25M. Talented Spanish defender has Teamwork=5 and Work Rate=8. As for me it’s unacceptable level of values for centre back who should play at the top level.
  2. Seamus Coleman (DR, MR) – $4.8M.  Just not good enough. One of the last season’s disappointments.
  3. Roberto Velazquez (MC, AMC) – $5M. Despite high level of many attributes, Roberto had low chances to appear in the first squad due to very high competition among central midfielders. You know I give away preference to English players. Moreover, I decided not to sell Drage.
  4. Neil Eardley (DR) – $4.8M. The Welshman spend last season on loan. When he returned, I saw I can really trust in young Villa and Otto at right back position.

Special thanks to Lee Wallace and a fond farewell. He was important part of the team but I signed better player in place of the Scotsman.


Players in

Here are some well-known names in the list of Nottingham Forest newcomers diluted with talented youngsters.


I spend quite much money during this transfer window. 40% of transfer money were transferred to Mexico for Carlos Fierro as you see. But anyway club balance is still above zero and soon Champions League money should come. Though the whole team needs to concentrate on the qualification round of the tournament.

It’s necessary to single out the total level of used salary budget didn’t grow after all. It’s a good sign of efficient financial management.

Finance and salary

1. Carlos Fierro (ST) – $20.5M

Carlos Fierro in Football Manager 2013

Should I say something? I’m repeating myself but Carlos was my favourite player in FM 2012. Checkout this post dedicated to Carlos Fierro and his career in Q.P.R.

2. Fabio Coentrao (DL, ML) – $9M

Fabio Coentrao in Football Manager 2013

Coming from Chelsea, Fabio cost me a quite high salary. However, this experienced left flank player is right for my team and will cover both DL and ML positions. Coentrao is very experienced and surely strengthens Nottm Forest at the left flank. I hope to see lovely crosses and, as a result, some assists.

3. Steven Caulker (DC) – $11M

Steven Caulker in Football Manager 2013

The fourth strong English centre back joined the club. Now I have Lascelles, Hewitt, Batth, and Caulker. Going to rotate them all in a smart manner.

Caulker looks fine in total and great to win headers. I think Steven should come an important Forest player right in the debut season.

4. Ross Barkley (AMC, MC) – $8.25M

Ross Barkley in Football Manager 2013

Everton can’t return to Premier League after their relegation in the first season. So Barkley’s desire to move to a bigger club is understandable. He was transfer-listed by request.

I love his high passing abilities: First Touch, Technique, Passing, Creativity.

5. Paul Robinson (GK) – Free

Poll Robinson in Football Manager 2013

Just a backup goalie with English passport and big name in the past.

6. Jakub Smejkal (DMC, MC) – $1.9M


Probably the biggest young talent who joined Nottingham Forest this summer. Jakub may become an excellent defensive midfielder in future.

7. Dimitri Payen (MC, AMC) – Free


Another awesome prospect for my club. Payen possesses both feet and has very high Decisions level for his age. Suddenly Inter decided to loan him, I will follow his performances.

8. Joaquim Correa (ML) – $1M


Just 15 years old. It’s too early to say something, it depends on his desire to play football and develop himself.

Team report after transfers



Now I have more strong and balanced team than in the last season. Another distinctive feature this time is that it seems like I have too many players in the squad. You may see from the screenshot above that Lansbury, Barkley, Westwood didn’t even get into Champions League registration request. That’s why I am going to apply more intensive rotation approach. Second eleven players should play often against weaker teams in Premier League and English cups.

Team comparison. Whether may I win the title?

Especially for you. The comparison of Premier League teams by different player attributes.


If you counted all attribute winners in this team comparison, you would see such TOP-5:

1. Chelsea 8
2. Man City 6
3-4. Tottenham 5
3-4. Nottm Forest 5
5. Arsenal 4

It’s surprising to see Manchester United, winners of 4 titles in row during the first four seasons won in two attributes only having the most speedy defence: Pace and Acceleration.


So what are you thoughts of my transfer campaign?

Whether can Nottingham Forest cope with the competition and win Premier League title this season?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Author: Vitaliy

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