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Ganso joined Nottingham Forest!

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Ganso as new Forest player is top news. Definitely. Though I have also made several other transfers in the beginning of January selling the worst players and buying new ones. Such kind of winter transfer activity is at first in Nottingham Forest story. So it should be a really interesting post for you, my dear readers.


Worrying performance in Premier League

Let’s put aside the transfer part of the post to the end and traditionally start with the latest results. Unluckily, Forest start to loose points after amazing run reported in the previous story post. We didn’t pass tje “winter rush” test of 6 matches.


Though I would not say it had been caused by players’ conditions. In fact, the condition were OK and squad depth helped a lot. And even performance of the team was impressive in every game. But something weird happened with my forwards. Xavier Pitarque managed to score once and Carlos Fierro, Ademilson, Mason Bennet didn’t score at all. An anxious sign for me. Though it just may be considered as very poor luck. Moreover, Ademilson has just recovered from long-term injury.


The draw with going 20th in table Leicester looks most unacceptable. My boys could and should score 4-5 goals in this game but attackers failed their attempt. Here was another factor - excellent performance by future Forest goalie (at that moment) Steven Georcelin. Yes, I bought the new goalie, read more below about this.

A heroic performance by another goalie Hugo Lloris brought also the draw to Tottenham, our close competitors. “The Spiderman” was merely invisible and Forest attackers were unsure.


Manchester United – Nottingham Forest 1:0


Finally, the opposition against Manchester United being on a cruising speed to their title. Well, we should have won the match. Just look at the moments we had:

  • Missed penalty by Gylfi Sigurdsson (De Gea was amazing)
  • Failed one-on-one chances of Mason Bennett and Carlos Fierro

Poor efficiency in attack may cost us chances to fight for the title. But anyway I liked how my team played at the Old Trafford against mighty PL leaders.

Is title race is over?

The Red Devils are having a fantastic series of wins. There’s a large gap between them and other clubs in the table standing.


Do I have any chances in the title race this season?

Nottingham Forest transfers

It was curiously active winter transfer campaign. I understand January is not over but I am not going to make squad chances during the following weeks.

Players out


Young talent Dione requested to be placed on the transfer list. I could do nothing about that. Moreover, I had plans to sign English talent instead.

Thomas Drage and Henri Lansbury turned into backup Forest players and didn’t play significant parts anymore. Unfortunately, there was no any impressive interest from other clubs. I didn’t expect to sell Drage for $9M only when he cost $17.7M. But I had to do it to compensate wage costs due to the winter signings.

It’s also sad to inform you Yaroslav Rakitskyi is also leaving in the end of January. He goes to Russia:


I want to thank Yaroslav for being an important part of the team since his very first season in Nottm Forest. But it’s time to move on.


Players in


1. Ganso (AMC, MC) - Free

Ganso in Football Manager 2013

It was a marvellous chance when I saw Ganso’s contract was coming to the end. Nobody would reject the opportunity to get the player of may be even world class level. He should become a great assister for Nottingham Forest. It’s interesting to see whether he will be able to play well with my other top attacking midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Another idea: I want to create a link Ademilson-Ganso.

2. Steven Georcelin (GK) – $10.25M


Georcelin is already the third goalie of English national team. The Joe Hart actually! I intend to replace Samir Handanovic with him. But it won’t happen this season, don’t wont to take that risk now. Though I will make some rotation allowing Georcelin to play instead Handanovic in less important games.

3. Ryan Bertrand (DL) – $10M

Ryan Bertrand in Football Manager 2013

Ryan Bertrand is the best English left back together with Nathaniel Clyne from Man Utd. My philosophy to build the squad with majority of English players influenced here for sure.

Ryan is physically excellent, concentrated and determined left wing back. As for his disadvantages, he lacks some Marking and is not good in air. I hope Ryan Bertrand will show good football soon.

4. Tomas Necid (SC) - Free

Tomas Necid in Football Manager 2013image image

“Why the hell do you sign another forward?”, some of you may ask. I feel I need a poacher of another plan – towering guy who has high Finishing and Composure. It should add some tactical diversity and help in my current strange problem with goalless strikers.


I have also another Brazilian talent joining Nottm Forest very soon.


Balance went red after the made transfers. But don’t forget I will receive $12M for Rakytskyi this month.


Team report after made transfers


Some info about Forest players


Steven Caulker become the best player during these six games and underlined his status of the best summer signing.

Ademilson was the most disappointing footballer in my mind, but as I mentioned above he had recovered from the injury.

Mitchell Hewitt – second award in row

No comments. He is merely the best young player in the world now.


Future matches


Nottm Forest has to win all January and February games if I want to show intentions to catch up Man Utd in the Premier League.

Then there will be a very tough period: Napoli, Arsenal, Man City, Napoli, Chelsea. I would say it can be the decisive one for the season…

What outcome would you predict?


Excited to blog for you,

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