Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Scoring from corners in FM 2013

You remember I promised to present my set pieces scheme used for corners in FM 2013. Here it is. Since the very story beginning I have been experimenting much with more than 10 variants. I had to play four seasons to find a really working one.

Football Manager 2013 corners


Numerous ideas are enclosed in my FM 2013 corner scheme. They are all reflected in the screenshot but I feel some explanations are necessary.

1. Near post targeting

To tell you the truth, it’s the only case of targeting that really works. I tried all other variants they turned out inefficient if we talk about scoring goals. I was particularly disappointed by Short passing which doesn’t merely work and looks like another Football Manager 2013 bug.

Near post is easier in sense of accurate passing because distance between corner taker and your players positioned at near post is less than similar one for far post. A near post player just needs to win his header receiving ball in air and head it to the net.

2. Defenders ahead, even full backs

Two central backs are placed at the near post with Attack Near Post and Near Post Flick instructions. Normally they are the best in the squad to win headers. Though if I have a towering striker, I would use him in place of weaker DC.

In FM 2013 I tend to use full backs who have quite pretty high Jumping and Strength attributes. This is why they wait for misplaced pass or ricochet at the far post.

3. Striker to challenge goalie

One of strikers is challenging goalkeeper. It work well in situation when goalie unsuccessfully rebounds header from defenders or ball moves straight to the centre and striker can reach it changing a trajectory.

4. Rebounds

Scoring from corners is always nice. But I deem it’s more significant to win rebounds and save the ball after corners. There are two key players for that in my FM 2013 corner scheme:

  • Striker with Lurk Outside Area instruction.
  • Midfielder with Offer Short Option instruction.

Both of them await for balls reflected by opponent defenders to continue an attack of my team. By the way, technical striker with excellent Long Shots may even score goals. Though long shots are not that efficient in  Football Manager 2013.

5. Corner taker

No doubts high Corners and Passing attributes are necessary to make assists. One would also single out significance of Technique that influences onto accuracy of any pass.

I have a winter transfer window now and an excellent example of corner taker joined Nottm Forest. Meet Gylfi Sigurdsson.

My new corner taker in FM 2013

Hope you like the scheme. It would also be great to know how you score from corners. Write in the comments please.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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