Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014

Dear blog readers,

I invite you to join the discussion of Football Manager 2014, the next version of fabulous game produced by Sports Interactive and their leader Miles Jacobson. Some of game developers follow blog posts and our opinion will be heard. So any ideas, features and complaints about existing bugs are welcomed!


You may also submit a join request to a brand new Facebook group dedicated to Football Manager 2014 which should definitely become the most popular as it had happened with similar groups for FM 2013 and 2012 having more 1400+ members.

Football Manager 2014: my change-list

I have been thinking much about FM 2014 since the middle of March and prepared my exclusive list of wishes. Hope you will enjoy it.

1. More usability to change player instructions during match.

I always bring down Tackling instruction to Easy when after moment when my player gets a yellow card. It’s a bit tedious now because I should open the advanced mode, select player instructions tab, click needed player, switch his view, and only then I can change a tackling slider value.

2. Match engine fixes that are really needed:

  • Inefficient long shots. That’s my biggest disappointment in FM13.
  • Weird ball heading by defender that leads to corners when there are no opponent players around.
  • Sliding goalies.
  • I feel overhead kicks should happen more often.
  • Non-working Short passing option during corners.

3. Player career history. I want to see all season matches in it including European and national cups.

4. Group any goals of different matches and upload them together. With this feature, we might  create for example goal packs by Messi or any other player.

5. Improved youth academy. Want to be more involved in youth growth process.

6. Enhanced feedback from players about last match results, different club events, media interactions of head coach, etc.

7. Uploading Youtube videos without Sports Interactive Games ad at the start.

8. An opportunity to select clear cut chances by few clicks for uploading.

9. Red cards and penalties by goalkeepers + ball boys in matches :)

10. At long last, getting the official licenses to national teams of Germany, Japan, etc.

Controversial FM 2014 ideas

Football Manager 2014 features

Reading your thoughts in the blog comments, I meet different opinions about FM 2013. Some of them are really controversial but worth discussion:

1. Remove conferences at all.

I don’t like conferences. It’s probably the most boring part in FM 13. And I am not single person having this kind of thoughts. That’s why many FM gamers send assistant managers to handle conferences. The most radical guys insist even on removing conferences from the game at all.

2. Become a club chairman or assistant manager.

OK. Let’s imagine that. But wouldn’t it be another game with the name of Football Chairman 2014? :)

3. Spending earned money.

We as club head coaches receives wages but have no options to spend it. Do we need such kind options at all?

So join the discussion and convey your ideas regarding Football Manager 2014 in the comments below. It’s very interesting to know what FM people think about the future game’s features and different controversial ideas.

Dreaming of Football Manager 2014,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.