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Squad analysis keeping in mind the second try in Euro Cup

Winning League Cup allowed Nottingham Forest to qualify to Euro Cup second time in row. Next season I would like to concentrate on this tournament more than on the Premier League and national cups. Therefore squad analysis after the season is probably even more important than usually.

Team Depth Chart


Pay attention not all positions used in my tactics. That’s why WBR/WBL and AMR/AML positions are not valid for me.



Handanovic definitely needs a good substitution. I was using young Cornelissen in December when Samir was injured and it turned into many lost points. I think it’s more wise to loan backup goalie instead signing one.

It saves wage budget money. And anyway it’s difficult to find a backup goalkeeper who won’t moan about lack of first team experiences in several months.

Central backs

Centre backsimage

Why would I need to discuss probably the most strongest position in Nottingham Forest? Well actually there’s one reason. Danny Batth has been transfer-listed by Celtic and I have intentions to buy him for $12.5M. If I do that, there will be too many central defenders pretending to play in a starting line-up. That’s why I feel I may sell somebody… So now the question #1 to you:

Whom should I sell if I buy Danny Batth?

Right backs

Right backs

I am sure that left defenders are good enough for success in Euro Cup. However, I cannot state the same about the opposite flank of defence. Neil Eardley is pretty good and I do like him. But it would be great to get more confident in sense of defensive actions wing back. Both Adam Smith and Martin Kelly are just decent substitutions.

Defensive central midfielder and Ball-Winning MC


Pazienza is going away because of age. Thus, I need a new player who can cover DMC and MC with Ball-Winning role positions.

I want to thank to Michele Pazienza who was excellent performer and left a lot of positive impressions after all.

Michele Pazienzaimage

Left midfielders

Left mids

There’s one my tactic that uses ML and MR intensively: classic 4-4-2. Will Hughes played almost all matches at ML position quite decently. But he didn’t impress me much there and has just 7.07 rating in general. Thus, I have started thinking whether a special classic left wide midfield should be searched…

What would you advise me?



The most painful part. It’s like “to be or not to be”. I have Mason Bennett who is inexperienced and just above average forward level for a while. There are two options:

  • Buy a high class forward in pair to Ademilson and use Bennett in rotation.
  • Trust to Bennett giving him right to play in pair with Ademilson. Use reserve squad youngsters at substitution bench.

Take a look the reserve forwards. Very prospective youngsters who should receive their chances!




Wages and transfer values




Red rectangles mean positions I must strengthen. Yellow rectangles show some kind of my hesitation about positions. The grey rectangle explains that I will unlikely sign a new centre back.

Now I should go to the transfer market and compete with other clubs for high-quality players…

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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