Friday, 22 March 2013

Season 5. Youth promoted to the first team

Dear readers,

A new type of posts at my blog today! Additionally to the last post devoted to my transfer campaign, I’d like to report regarding youngsters promoted to the first team during the off-season.

The Youth


Here are all U21 players present in the first team at the moment with their levels of Ability and Potential. Quite many guys, ye?

Villa, Stevens were bought during the last transfer window that’s why if you are interested about them, read the last post. Talents like Bennett, Hughes, Hewitt, Navarro have already been in the first Forest team since previous season, so I am not talking about them today. By they way, pay attention Mason Bennett has the lowest Potential in the list according to scout reports…

Promoted youngsters


The highest prospect of all promoted guys. He already looks excellent as a ball-winning midfielder and is used as substitution player for Alexandar Ignjovski. Highly determined, thanks to Chris Cohen who was tutoring him.

Moreover, Dean Patterson is from Scotland what’s awesome because I try to follow my British players restriction.



Robert Perrett is not so good as Patterson of course. However, I am going to give him some match practice against weaker opponents eventually. Brilliant Work Rate and high speed multiplied by 18 years of age. As you know I lack for good left midfielders and didn’t manage to sign a new one during the summer transfer window.

Now let’s take a look at how Robert Perrett has been progressing during trainings. His development level promises a lot!




Another good English youngster. Though Nicky Westwood is already 21 years old, and that’s why I preferred him to other promotion candidates in Forest reserves. At the moment he is my 4th forward in the squad after Podolski, Ademilson, and Bennett.



The most promising of all young goalie I have now. Surely Dione’s not ready to play at top level but perhaps he may get some match practice against weaker clubs. I love his value of Decisions and Agility!

Short report about the first matches in season 5

Well today’s post is quite short. I wasn’t intending to cover played matches but understood you need some information. This is why I’m sharing the latest results of Nottingham Forest:


I rued the first PL fixture against Newcastle where my club was suddenly helpless. Then there was an unlucky game versus Arsenal. My players should gain a draw in the match, though Arsenal made a lot of great transfers and is very strong now. I failed the start in the Premier League but it’s just about two first matches.

Vice versa, a successful start of Euro campaign happened to me. Luckily, Forest got drawn against very weak Vaduz and KR in the first round. So we have easily promoted and got the following teams in Europa League group:

  • Twente
  • Fenerbache
  • Ajaccio

Mason Bennett had a storming season start, particularly against weak KR and Vaduz in Europa League.

Mason Bennett in FM 2013

That’s all for now folks!

As usually excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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