Saturday, 2 March 2013

League Cup Final versus Chelsea

Today’s post is fully dedicated to the one match. Well, post title is self-descriptive. Welcome to the Wembley stadium, League Cup final battle between my Nottm Forest and Chelsea! It’s season 4 if you are a novice in reading my blog.

Before League cup final


Injury crisis in Chelsea

Injuries at Chelsea

Great news and big surprise for me! Chelsea attack leaders and Ramires have got injured and were missing the final. I felt myself very lucky this time, it seem the League Cup is on the half way to Nottingham…

I started to think over my first eleven for the final. There were just two controversial positions:

  • forward in pair to Ademilson
  • who should play at MC position as Advanced Playmaker: Cleverley or Lansbury.

I was seriously hesitating between skilful but slow Ibrahimovic and explosive but young Bennett. Then I thought Chelsea is always Chelsea and decided to give a chance to Zlatan. Former Man Utd midfielder Tom Cleverley was preferred because of his higher experience at this level of matches.

The influence of these two players become crucial in the final!

The Match

Forest  Chelsea

As it had been expected the starting squad of Chelsea made me pleasured. Their attack and midfield has 4 weak young players + Hazard + Ben Arfa. Though I was keeping in my mind Hazard who is extremely hazardous and can create goal from nothing.

Nevertheless, both attacking wingers didn’t manage to create any serious dangers for my reserve goalie Pouplin. Events on the Webley pitch were totally under control of my players. Ibrahimovic and Cleverley arranged two goals which you may see in the video below:

Two players with the highest wages in Forest scored goals.


Chelsea managed to make several long shots. But it’s well known that long shots doesn’t work well in FM 2013. My defensive line played very carefully disallowing Hazard and Ben Arfa rush into area. At the same time Petr Cech had to work quite much to save his team from more than two goals.

Match statsimage

Forest defense was merely insurmountable for weakened Chelsea attack. Lascelles, Milosevic, Rakitskyi played nearly perfectly and got high match ratings. Experience of Zlatan Ibrahimovic did become significant during attacking moves. Though the player of the match is of course Tom Cleverley who scored once and made assist for goal of Zlatan.

Tom Cleverley – the hero of Nottingham Forest

Tom Cleverley in FM 2013


The first won trophy in Nottingham Forest story!

It was awesome to see flying confetti after the last minutes of the match. And the largest pleasure which was coming to forefront – a perception that my club is already in the next season’s Euro Cup.

Euro Cup

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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