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How Newcastle stole the 7th position from us

The season 4 is over and now it’s time to sum up. We’ll start with the final Premier League table standing where you see my Forest at the line #9. I came short of 2 points to have more acceptable result in the league…



Premier League

Take a look once again at the table above and try to compare with the results of the previous years. Season 3 was more successful of course. Forest gained 63 points last year – this time it’s only 56 points. There is a perceptible difference between scored goals by my footballers. It confirms feeling that attack was weakened by from the beginning injuries of Destro and then his sale to Milan.


Here are the last six fixtures in season 4:


Nottingham Forest didn’t score much but showed quite acceptable performance. Two last games were totally unlucky because both should end with victories for my team. However, Liverpool seized on a stupid error of Milosevic (he gave a poor transversal pass to Lascelles intercepted by Luis Suarez) and made the 2nd goal thanks to amazing dribbling effort of Borini.


Newcastle suddenly buried all my hopes which nearly turned into confidence of the 7th PL place this year. Late goal of Papiss Cisse summarized the first controversial season in Nottingham Forest story.


One of the most impressive things about the Forest story is Manchester United and their fourth PL title in row. This time they won it under rule of Josep Guardiola.



Traditionally, the squad of Nottingham Forest sorted by average rating:


Here you may notice the following interesting features:

  • Mitchell Hewitt reached amazingly high average rating of 7.81. His price value has already grown to $11M.
  • Nobody of strikers didn’t score much. Even Ademilson has just 16 goals in 39(4) games which doesn’t sound impressive.
  • Lascelles, Milosevic, and Drage cost more than $20M!
  • Finally, Ole-Kristian Selnaes showed the high quality performance I expected from playmaker. However, he had a long-term injury which doesn’t allow to play more than he played.

Jamaal Lascelles – MVP

I can praise Hewitt and Milosevic much but their partner in defence and Nottm Forest captain Lascelles impressed me even more with his consistency and the lowest number of mistakes. This is why I decided to single out Jamaal as the most valuable player in the squad.

Jamaal Lascelles in FM13

Thomas Drage - English Players’ Young Player of the Year

They gave the award to Thomas Drage preferring him over Jack Wilshere. What a pleasant surprise!


It’s easy to understand why Drage received the award. Just look at Key Passes rating of the Premier League:


Other PL ratings with Forest players


Board confidence

Board confidenceTournamentsEnglish Cup

The club board is disappointed by all performances in tournaments with exception of League Cup. League Cup is mine, and it’s the first trophy with Nottm Forest. I think it compensates devastating failure in Europa League qualifying round, our poor luck and attack during Premier League matches. Though the board doesn’t really agree with me summing up all performances in the competitions as ‘Poor’. I should work hard to not to disappoint them once more next season…


Last but not least here is some financial information looking really positive after received Premier League money for the 9th position:


Balance is high and potentially gives much of freedom at the transfer market. Though money to shareholders will be paid soon and it should decrease by $10M or something like that. The payroll budget is also high and limits the freedom for a while. But don’t forget Pazienza, Ibrahimovic, Defoe are leaving the team. They will release $230K of payroll budget.

Next post is going to be about the current Nottingham Forest squad. I will analyse it and think over future changes. 

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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