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Henri Lansbury in Football Manager 2013

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Henri Lansbury is the only original Nottingham Forest player who has been playing since the very beginning. Therefore I decided to dedicate my first FM 2013 single player review post to him. Henri isn’t actually wonderkid but a decent English talent released by Arsenal academy. That’s why he was one of my favourites during the first seasons. Let’s take a look how good this guy in the game and what pros and cons he has.


Development during trainings

Training focus for Lansbury 

I have been using Balanced training with High intensity and Advanced Playmaker individual role focus to train Henri Lansbury. Of course training facilities and coaches have been increasing eventually.

I have selected attributes significant for advanced playmaker role on the screen shot below. You see the growth is very nice. All important attributes have grown by 3 except for Teamwork which had one point increase.


Just compare Henri at the game start and in 2016 year. Even photo changed, not just attributes’ values ;)

Henri Lansbury at Nottingham Forest story start

Henri Lansbury in Football Manager 2013

Henri Lansbury in November, 2016

Henri Lansbury in FM 2013

Following the actual player report below, Henri Lansbury is considered by one of my scouts at nearly the same level with Will Hughes, Tom Cleverley, Jonjo Shelvey.

Player report - Henri Lansbury

Pros and cons. My opinion

What I like about Henri Lansbury:

  • Ability to give a good pass.
  • High technique when having a ball.
  • First touch in action. High Flair and Decision attributes help in using first touches effectively.
  • Arsenal academy graduate :) Oh, it’s just my personal affection for the Gunners.
  • His versatility shown in the picture below.


What I dislike about Henri Lansbury:

  • Low teamwork and work rate. He would be nearly perfect central midfielder having those attributes above 14.
  • Too many injuries as for me. See his injury history below.

Injuries of Henri Lansbury in FM13

Lansbury’s career stats in Nottingham Forest story

Premier League stats:

Career stats of Henri Lansbury


Achievements of Lansbury in FM 2013

Season 5 detailed statistics:

Players stats - Henri Lansbury

Couple of questions for you in the end

What do you think of Henri Lansbury as a player?

How has Lansbury been developing in your Football Manager 2013 story?


The next post is going to be another Forest story update. Just wait till the weekend!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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