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$20M for Tackling = 20 and other transfers

Hi guys,

Here is the report about my transfer campaign. It’s Nottingham Forest story, I have already started playing first matches in season 5. The season is very promising because my talented young footballers got better and we’re ready to begin another long journey in all tournaments including Europa League. I will pay much attention to it. Don’t want to repeat the last year’s catastrophic debut.

Season expectations

I was careful and claimed Euro cups qualification target once again despite some of your assumptions about winning Champions League place this year. Hopefully, you will be right predicting Forest’s finish in Top-4. 


Players out


Verrrry long list of players who left the team! But it’s not a squad revolution as one may think. There are just several players from the first squad who went to other clubs:

  • old Defoe, Pazienza, Ibrahimovic.
  • top sale of Alexander Milosevic.
  • Martin Kelly has too high wage ($49K per week) for a backup defender and went on loan to Norwich.
  • sale of Chris Cohen to arch-rival Derby.

Other sold or loaned out players are all from the reserve Forest squad.

I decided to buy English centre back Danny Batth and that’s why Milosevic was put on a transfer list. I saw it would be a nice piece of business. The Swedish had a high asked price and the highest bid was received from Arsenal. It could be a mistake to strengthen the Gunners but I don’t compete for Premier League title at the moment.

I want to thank a versatile footballer Chris Cohen for all his efforts on a pitch. He was one of my favourite players but squad strength grows and we have to move on.

Chris Cohen in FM13

Cohen’s career stats:


Players in

Nottm Forest became a very active player on a transfer market. I made many bids trying to get one of star players but sadly almost all of them preferred clubs with more high reputation.


I lost transfer battles for the following big names:

  • Giuseppe Rossi. He went to Malaga on a free transfer.
  • Javier Hernandez. Preferred Bayern Munich instead my club, $13M paid only.
  • Henrik Mkhitaryan. The Armenian decided to join Milan that paid $14.75M.
  • Fernando Llorente. Returned to his native Athletic on free.

As a result the following players were bought to Nottm Forest:


The list of acquired footballers looks more modest in sense of quantity than the one with players out. But the quality is pretty high as for me.

1. Lucas Podolski (ST) - Free

Big nameLucas Podolski in Football Manager 2013

Lovely! One of the best German strikers in my humble opinion. The world class forward joined Nottm Forest for free and will play in pair with Ademilson. I think Lucas is worth the top wage I’ve started to pay him.

2. Alexandar Ignjovski (DMC, MC) – $20M

Alexandar Ignojovski in Football Manager 2013

$20M for Tackling=20 as it’s specified in the post title. Ignjovski replaced good old Pazienza in my squad and should become one of the leading players. A tenacious ball-winner with high physical and mental skills. One of advantages is that he is either footed.

3. Danny Batth (DC) – $12.5M

Danny Batth in Football Manager 2013

So I paid $12.5 for Danny Batth and sold Alexander Milosevic for $39M. Good piece of business, isn’t it?

Compare Danny Batth with Alexander Milosevic:


4. Carlos Villa (DR, DC) – $13M


I didn’t manage to find a better right back who would agree to be in the first eleven instead of Neil Eardley. That’s why I made a decision to invest money in prospective Carlos Villa. He isn’t ready for tough opponents but I’d like to grow a real star using him in rotation like I had been doing with Lascelles or Hughes previously.


5. Rick Stevens (MR) - Free

Rick Stevens

One of the most prospective players from Holland who has already one cap for the main national team. He’s what I need for 4-4-2 tactics. Explosive wing midfielder with high crossing, and already very determined one.

The shortcoming: Stevens can play at flank only .


6. Charly Boutin (DMC, MC, DR) – Free


Extremely prospective youngster from France! This guy is just 16 years old and may repeat story of Mitchell Hewitt!


7. Xavier Pitarque (ST) – Free


It was difficult to miss such a gem youngster on free transfer market. I believe every penny of his wage is worth the prospect I have now.

8. Zvjezdan Skoric (ML) – $625K


14 years old! I have never had so young players in any version of Football Manager!

9. Jake Kean (GK) – $400K

Jake Kean in Football Manager 2013

Jake Kean is my new decent backup goalie instead of Cornelissen who disappointed me much in winter when Handanovic was injured. By the way, I forgot to underline Cornelissen had also been sold.

10. Adam Simpson (DR, DC) – Free


Just a decent young English right back with high Work Rate and Determination that should help him to grow much in future.

Team report after the transfers



I managed to decrease spend wages by $40-50K after all. That’s great!


Now I have two top earners now: Podolski and Cleverley. There is a perceptible gap in salary size between them and other first team players.


Huge transfer money is still available. I didn’t spend it and would like to see what I can achieve with the youngsters in the squad. There can be other transfers in case of failure.


Balance is really fine now.


Get the season started!


They still predict me a midtable position in the season. Well, I am sure this season Nottm Forest may be one of surprise makers in all tournaments, not only Premier League.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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