Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Squad analysis after season 3

The 3rd season has finished. Nottingham Forest took the 6th quite confidently and qualified to Europa League. Surely, the squad review is needed because the club will debut in Europe under my management.

So below you can evaluate the strength of the squad and correlate it with spent wages.

Current squad report


Players sorted by average rating


Confidence review

Player wages



I want to sell Carlos Kameni because I have already signed on Bosman rule a larger name. Don’t won’t to tell you now who is going to join Forest soon. Let it be a surprize.

Just a small hint: he is from Seria A. Try to guess his name in the comments! ;)

Right defender

While left back position is covered very well, right flank has only one very good defender Neil Eardley. It was a luck he wasn’t injured at all during the season but in case of his injury I can only use Ryan Taylor there. Though I feel I should certainly get rid off Ryan Taylor. He is 30, slow for flank player (Pace=12, Acceleration=11); and the worst is that he has one of the highest wages in the squad - 56K.



I am hesitating regarding DMC position. It’s used only in one of my three tactics and can be covered by several players as you see. Though it’s only Pazienza who can perform at it naturally. Michele is one of the most hard-working players in the Forest squad. He ‘s already 32 year old but still look pretty well. Going to use him in the first squad in the next season as well.

Nevertheless, I may buy a younger and better player if one is placed on transfer list or available as a free transfer.

Michele Pazienza

Michele Pazienza

ML and MR

Left midfielderRight midfielder

I have many players who may play at ML and MR positions. But I feel there are now real flank-oriented guys with exception of Thomas Drage and may be Lee Wallace who would hug the line and make assists with crosses.

Would you advise me to get new players for this positions?



Firstly, I am not going to make many changes. I feel I have to give chances to several young talents from my Reserve squad.

As for the marked positions, new GK and DR will come to the squad. DMC position is under big question. ML and MR most likely will remain without new transfers. Though it also depends on your advices and hints. So don’t be shy to write comments below.


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