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Recovery after Euro Cup failure

Dear blog readers,

After the painful Euro Cup debut my team managed to recover and gain some successful results in the national tournaments: Premier League and League Cup. It helped to return confidence I had before the season start…


Nottingham Forest. Performance.

15 matches: 8 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses.


I am more or less happy regarding the results. Of course, there were apparent poor losses of points in home matches against weaker Burnley, Sunderland, Q.P.R. Something happened with my forwards – they have been squandering too many moments. I’m wondered if it can be enacted to the latest match engine changed included in FM 13.2.3… But most likely it can be explained by numerous facts like prolonged Ademilson’s adaptation, injuries of Destro, and so on.

Premier League

The worst game was with West Bromwich. We had to win it and got 0:2 score as a result. My plans began to crash after a calamitious own goal by Mitchell Hewitt. Mattia Destro had 5 shot attempts and didn’t manage to score at least once…


Missed opportunities

Away draw against superb attack of the Red Devils

Match #1 for me of all positives. It make me proud despite the nearly complete advantage of 3 times PL champions over my team. Marvellous save by Handanovic supported by defensive line’s good team work allowed to hold on goalless draw. Rooney, Nani, Neymar, Van Persie were attacking as insane buy we did it!


Table standing

PL table

Good position for the beginning. Forest did manage to recover after the failure in Europa League and has started to fight for next season’s European qualification. Clubs are very tightly located in the table what also give us chances to get into Champions League. Nevertheless, it’s too early to say something concrete here.

League Cup

Blackpool, Liverpool, and Stoke were all beaten on their venues. My boys showed a mature football and excellent concentrate in the two latter games. I feel there results look like signs of future victory in the League Cup :) At least I hope…

Win over Liverpool

Ademilson became a key player in this victory. Finally, he is starting to find his football style!


Match stats


Forest playersPlayers

Central backs are the best this season. Ole-Kristian Selnaes showed progress signs in his performances making more key passes than any other Forest player.

Now several words about new players:

  • Ibrahimovic lacks speed and especially acceleration. Despite this fact Zlatan is useful forward and scores from time to time. But I am sure there’s no sense to keep him for another season later on.
  • Handanvic. Brilliant goalie! He makes me sure that everything will be fine against any opponent. However, he made a very rough mistake in Euro Cup giving out ball to Valerenga player who scored from the centre of the pitch (see the previous post’s video).
  • Martin Kelly. Doesn’t impress for a while. Look like an average player. Martin needs time to blend into the squad.
  • Mason Bennett. Explosive striker had no time to show himself due to a high competition between Forest attackers.

Still the best – Alexander MilosevicAlexander Milosevic in FM 2013

His attributes may not be so much impressive, however, Milosevic has the highest average rating in the Premier League this season. That’s why Mitchell Hewitt cannot take over first team place.

Balance and wages problem

Here is one problem I want to discuss with you my friends. Forest finances are not really OK. The problem is in that club balances has decreased from $30M to $25M since the season start. Obviously, it’s caused by high wage budget I have this season.


Payroll budget

The current seasonal projection promises another loss of $5M till summer. So now I feel I should interfere and improve financial situation in the club.




The only effective method I see is a players sale. There are several candidates who may already leave Nottingham Forest in one month. Firstly, I should get rid of unneeded players. Forest squad contains footballers without serious match practice in the season. Some of them better than others and still good for substitutions. Thus, the players for sale:

  • Lee Camp
  • almost always injured Stewart Carswell
  • under-performing Donal McDermott

Should I sell Destro?

Mattia Destro in FM13imageimage

Another idea is not hold Destro in Forest squad anymore. I am starting to get tired by often injuries of Mattia Destro this year. He gets money – $89K per week - for being cured for the third time this season. Surely, the Italian is a world class striker who may play great in any club. But his injury proneness hinders him to reach all the expected potential. Now I am thinking whether it’s smart to sell him at all…

What would you do if you were me?

Next matches


Tough period is ahead. It starts on December, 22 against Liverpool and ends in one month when we play with Tottenham. You see there are 4 difficult away matches against very strong teams. Add future draws of FA Cup and League Cup there… It’s going to be a serious test for Nottingham Forest.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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