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Having the main goalie is gone to African Nations Cup

Nottingham Forest story. Season 3: January, February.

Winter is over in my FM 2013 story. The Triple C tactics works very well, and I don’t want to change nothing about it. Just improve squad strength, club facilities, level of coaches, etc. I had quite good matches, especially taking into account that my main goalie Carlos Kameni left the team for African Nations Cup. I had to use 18 year old Cornelissen who made lots of errors in matches against Stoke



Premier League

Worst match: Manchester City – Nottingham Forest 2:0

Man City

Somewhere very deep in soul I hoped my team would play well against Man City once again. Their narrow 4-2-3-1 formation doesn’t normally work against my counter 4-1-2-1-2 formation… However, this time my defeat was inevitable. Manchester City players had a great morale level and suppressed any resistance from Forest players. It was the only game of all reported today when I was feeling a complete hopelessness.

Best match: Q.P.R. – Nottingham Forest 1:4

I had important win over Newcastle and draw against Liverpool. Despite them, the best match was against Q.P.R (my FM 2012 story club). A brilliant efficiency of my attackers allowed to score 4 goals. Special thanks should be given to Mattia Destro who recorded a double.

QPRForestQPR - Forest


Table standing


The current position in the table opens new horizons for Nottingham Forest. Looks very cool. I couldn’t even expect that starting the story with Forest. If I manage to hold the 6th position, my club will qualify into Europa League because Arsenal has already won League Cup in dramatic penalty series with Man Utd.


FA Cup

Matches against Stoke were totally miserable because of numerous mistakes by Forest goalkeeper in the first of them. Carlos Kameni missed 5 matches. It was extremely bad for my team because Lee Camp was sent on loan and I had to rely upon young and inexperienced Cornelissen.

Read more about these matches at my FM Crowd blog:

Forest players

Average rating above 7.00


Average rating below 7.0


My players are simply amazing. I can’t even blame young Cornelissen for his poor mistakes because all guys work as a team really fine.

Ademilson started to improve his performances in January and February. Now I feel this guy should become an important part of the team… in future. I predict Ademilson will stupefy Premier League in the next season.

Young English giant centre back Mitchell Hewitt still makes wonders in matches winning all headers and showing surprisingly awesome defensive football with rare mistakes. I could call him the best during reported period but decided to give my personal award to one of the most important figures in Nottingham Forest – Thomas Drage.

Thomas Drage – MVP of reported period

Thomas Drage

Thomas scores, makes assists, dribbles, and shots free kicks better than any other Forest footballer. Remarkably creative attacking midfielder whose wage is still very low for his level of performance.


Season3: Last fixtures

Future matches

Question #1 is whether Forest is capable of stable performances during this set of matches.  Liverpool, another 6th position competitor have nearly the same schedule. I think winning row of games starting from Stoke till Southampton would be crucial. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult season ending because of matches with Chelsea and Manchester United.

I set the aim to gain 22 points in these matches. Is it possible in your opinion?

Excited to blog for you,

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