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FM 2013: Head of Youth Development

Ramon Martinez – Head of Youth Development in Real Madrid

head of youth development in fm 2013

Head of youth development is a new role presented in Football Manager 2013. Let’s try to figure out why and how FM gamers should use this kind of staff role.

Head of youth development has the following responsibilities:

  1. Bringing new fresh youngsters into U18 squad.
  2. Handling and signing contracts with U18 players.
  3. Loan out or sell U18 players.
  4. Finding and making offers for young players for the future.

His responsibilities can be controlled via Staff responsibilities screen.

How to find a good Head of Youth Development?

First of all pay attention to Judging Potential Ability attribute. It really matter when it goes about finding talented youngsters.

Attributes important if head of youth development participates in trainings:

  • Determination
  • Motivating
  • Level of Discipline
  • Man Management
  • Working with Youngsters

I would also add personality does matter. Check it visiting Information screen for a head of youth development. Any good personality type like Professional or Determined should be a positive hint for you.

Best cheap Heads of Youth Development in FM 2013




Wage, $

Franko Bogdan Croatia    
Jean-Marc Nobilo Frace    
Romeo Jozak Croatia Dinamo 1.2K
Tony Carr England West Ham 1.6K
Ged McNamee England Sunderland 1.6K
Fermo Favini Italy Atalanta 1.9K
Dave Parnaby England Middlesbrough 2.4K
Luigi Porchia Italy Crotone 2.4K
Truls Jenssen Norway Tromso 2.5K
Domenico Stallone Italy Ascoli 3.1K
Kim Vilfort Denmark Brondby 4.3K
Matthias Imhof Germany 1860 Munchen 4.4K

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