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Diskerud out – Cleverley in

Hello my dear readers,

Today’s post is completely devoted to the latest winter transfer window in my game. As you understood I sold Mikkel Diskerud who has been making more key passes than any other Forest player in this season. Tom Cleverley from Manchester United came to replace him. Let’s try to examine why I made this decision.

Tom Cleverley instead of Mikkel Diskerud

Firstly I’d like to pay your attention to the fact both transfers became records for Nottingham Forest. I earned 0.25M only selling Diskerud for a bit higher price than it was spent for Cleverley.


Mikkel got a better club instead Forest what disappointed the majority of our fans.

Diskerud sold to Arsenal

Let’s try to compare both guys.

Mikkel Diskerud


Tom Cleverley


Diskerud seriously overcomes Cleverley in Creativity, Tackling, Technique, and Agility. Meanwhile Tom Cleverley looks better in Crossing, Dribbling, Determination, Off the Ball, Pace, Acceleration, and Natural Fitness. But attributes doesn’t show a full picture. As opposed to Diskerud, Cleverley has the following advantages:

  • Good attacking PPMs: Gets into opposition area, Gets forward whenever possible, Runs with ball often.
  • English nationality. At the story start I stated I should try to stick to British players in Forest story.
  • And the best one is versatility. Diskerud can play as MC only, meanwhile Cleverley is good as MR and AMC.

Cleverley - positions

By the way, I managed to re-sign contract with Mattia Destro removing “Match Higher Earner” clause.

Thus it was much easier to agree paying $92K to Cleverley. His is my top earner now as you understand.

Keeping Destro at Forest


One of targets of any transfer window is to keep Destro in the club. This time Manchester City and Dortmund were active contract offerers but my board didn’t react anyhow. I am very pleased to have, let’s don’t afraid these words, a world class striker in my squad.

Players out


Players in

The winter transfer window didn’t limit to Cleverley-Diskerud transfers. I was suddenly very active in signing prospective youngsters and sending some of them on loans. I thought it’s a good time to add more prospect to Forest reserves because I had around $15M for transfers and balance of $26M at the same time.

So here are my bargains:


I won’t analyse the young new Forest players much. Just sharing the best of the below in a form of screenshots that include their names, attributes’ values, and potential ability rating (stars).

The most promising of all recently bought youngsters








All new youngsters were sent into the reserve team of Nottingham Forest for now. British talents have more chances to get into the first team in future. Meanwhile foreigners will have a higher competition and some part of them will be sold when they reach (or not) predicted potential in several seasons.

A couple of questions to you

How do you like these young talents?

What do you think about Tom Cleverley appearance in the squad instead of Mikkel Diskerud?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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