Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Catastrophe in Europa League


A short and tragic post today dear readers. The reply match against modest Valerenge transformed into a real catastrophic season start for me and the club. It actually became my first serious fail in Nottingham Forest story. I don’t even remember when such kind accident happened with me in previous Football Managers when I didn’t qualify to a group round of Europa League or Champions League loosing to much weaker opponent… Damn, it’s so devastating!


Advantage Forest had

Valerenga – Forest 1:2 (2nd match) Forest – Valerenga 2:3 (1st match)
image image

It’s terrible to understand that my players managed not to seize on all those Clear Cut and Half Chances they had.

We had to win both match with slashing scores like 3:0 or 4:1!

The hard-working Valerenga was really lucky to pass to the next round.

Away match. Player stats.


Home match. Player stats.


Mistakes and reasons of failure

Surely I have several explanations of the catastrophic results against Valerenga:

  1. Underestimation of the opponent. It was my mistake to use many backup players in the first match.
  2. Extremely unlucky attackers. Woodworks, balls going almost to corners but off the target after shots…
  3. Samir Handanovic’s awful error that lead to the 3rd goal in the first game. Well just no comments, watch the video:

Board reaction

The board is disappointed but life continues…


Played matches of season 4

Season 4 matches

My team played quite well against tough Man City and Chelsea but I don’t even want to discuss the matches now. All my thoughts are about totally unexpected failure in Euro Cup. It was so difficult to get the 6th position last year and qualify there. And now everything is lost and we should try from the very beginning…

OK, I should restore emotionally and continue building a new great Nottingham Forest. It’s season 4 start now, and I continue managing the club. Upcoming matches are:

Upcoming matches

Now I should concentrate on Premier League performances and wait for English cups. Hope to win one of the this year and bring the first trophy. I feel I should compensate this stupid failure in Europe somehow…

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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