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7 tips in FM 2013 you should know

It’s hard to impart how much Football Manager 2013 is complicated. There are so many different factors that may influence your team and results… Well as in real life. It’s tough to become a good club manager, particularly if you don’t tend to choose grand clubs. This is why I decided to share my FM 2013 experience giving 7 uncommon tips which my help to increase performances and get more pleasure playing Football Manager.


1. Tactical diversity

Tactical diversity in Football Manager 2013

It’s very difficult to achieve success in Football Manager 2013 having a single tactic. I strongly advise to create two additional tactics. Such tactical diversity will help you to adjust to any opponent depending on its squad strength and tactics. It would be perfect if you choose three different formations with three different strategies. Thus, your opponents will have problems trying to adjust to and beat your tactics.

Example of effective working tactical diversity is my Triple C approach.

And don’t forget to reach maximal familiarity levels for every used tactics!

2. Yellow card reaction

Yellow cards in FM 2013

What do you do when your players gets yellow card? I normally either substitute warned player or change his personal tackling instruction to Easy. It really minimizes a risk of being sent of because of the second yellow card, especially if match referee is harsh.

You can use an opposite trick when opponent’s player gets a yellow card. Set opposite instructions to make his life in a current match less comfortable. You can make him more nervous and provoke another card setting in opposite instructions:

Tackling = Hard

Closing Down = Always

Marking = Tight

3. Customize and analyse


The screen shot you see is one of customized views used for shortlist in my Forest story. It helps to important attributes and other player information on the same page allowing to make a fast player comparison.

There are many screens where FM 2013 allows to customize view. I have pack of customized views for my squad allowing me to analyse players’ performance correlating their statistical values. I also have special set pieces, contract, ability views that help me in squad analysis.

Customize everything is possible to be customized in FM 2013 to suite your needs.

4. Shortlist usage

Shortlist in FM 2013

Add all players you like or potentially may sign to your shortlist. It should become a slice of FM database containing players appropriate for your team. In this way you’ll be able to follow any latest news about these players and quickly react if one of shortlisted players placed on a transfer list.

5. Scouting matters

Scouting in Football Manager 2013

Importance of scouting in Football Manager has been growing yearly with every new version of the game. Playing FM 2013 successfully seems to be almost impossible without scouts. Try to sign scouts from different nationalities to extend total knowledge about players all over the world. It’s also good to know that feeder clubs automatically share and join their scouting network to parent clubs.

Deliver tasks of assigning scouts to a good chief scout.

6. Trainings


Try to find hard-working players for your squad who doesn’t moan about high intensity of trainings. Vice versa, get rid of moaning lazy footballers.

Always set Scheduling to More match training and Match Training to Tactics Only starting a new season. You have to reach maximal levels of tactic familiarity as soon as possible.

Morale level has an influence on development during trainings in FM 2013. Try to support high morale using my Morale management hints as long as possible.

I have a separate post about trainings in Football Manager 2013. There you may find my conclusion of their efficiency in this version of the game + results of training experiment held during the first season with Nottingham Forest.

Don’t forget to upgrade training facilities and sign better coaches.

7. Play FM 2013 honestly


Never use any cheats or save/load game combination! It kills any true pleasure you get from game. Try to feel yourself as a real football manager who encounters difficulties and overcomes them after all. Only then you may become happy playing Football manager 2013.

Hope you liked my FM 2013 tips.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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