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Solid finish that I did not expect at the start

Hi my dear blog readers,

The second season of Forest story is over! Here are the last results of PL fixtures:


I don’t think I should begin telling you much about the matches because they weren’t not really important. I felt secure above the relegation zone in the table. Thus, the last 4 games were played in Key highlights mode. Just wanted to accelerate my story this way because normally I use Comprehensive mode in the match TV view.


Analysing Premier League outcomes


I could struggle for the 11th position but decided not to do that. It wasn’t so important for me because finishing 13th or 14th is already above expectations. Starting the debut Premier League season, I was thinking most likely Forest would have a tough relegation battle in the end and finish at the 16th-17th table lines.

Forest managed to score 51 goals, more than 8 other PL clubs. Conceded goals were also at decent level as for me: 64 goals which is less than other 8 PL clubs have.

So my defence proved that they are not so weak as it was counted before the season.

Let’s take a look at the last 50 games and efficiency of my tactics. Surely it can’t be taken so directly because 4-1-2-1-2 was mostly used against higher rated teams, meanwhile 4-2-3-1 was a home tactics against same level clubs. But anyway this information can be quite interesting and show some real outcome for the whole Triple C approach used for the outsider club in the Premier League:

Tactics used

I am also pretty happy with amount of money earned for achieving 13th place.

PL resulting money

I managed to achieve the result with one of the lowest salary budgets in the league:

Salary per year

Board confidence:

Board Confidence

Key factors of success

1. Tactics.

I won’t discuss it much because there are already many words said about Triple C tactics. It just confirmed that it works great for PL underdog team as well as average one in the Championship (Forest in the 1st season).

2. Mattia Destro

Mattia had amazing growth during trainings, blended into squad, and scored 21 goals sharing a PL award together with Wayne Rooney and Shane Long. Forest wouldn’t finish so high without him.


Watch one of his best goals.

3. Defensive match training

I started the season with Attacking movement and Teamwork match trainings. Then I understood I should make an accent on defence which is the weakest part. This logical decision improved quality of defensive positioning and decreased number of conceded goals in total.

Match training, Forest

4. Milosevic + Lascelles

The pair of young central defenders was simply the best together with Mattia Destro and Thomas Drage. They grew much during the season having much of Premier League practice and rather intensive trainings simultaneously.

5. Stake on youth

Well this factor somewhat repeats the previous one. But I’d like to underline that youngsters Destro, Drage, Milosevic, Lascelles, Lansbury, Selnaes, Diskerud had a perceptible progress moving the whole team to a new level. I am going to continue making a stake on youth in the next season.



Mattia Destro is the best Forest player of the season as for me. Scoring 21 goals for PL debuting club means much!

Jamaal Lascelles showed himself great as a new Forest captain and team leader getting the highest average rating. He got 4 Young Player of the Month award during the season. Have you noticed how much his price value increased? $16M!!!!

Awards of Lascelles

Alexander Milosevic had also impressed me much, particularly his aerial performance was the best among Forest players.

One of the most significant roles was played by Thomas Drage whose attacking moves and passes sometimes were merely stunning. And it’s not a fluke that he made more key passes than any other PL footballer!

Key passes

More detailed squad analysis of Forest squad will follow in one of the next posts.

My fear

Frankly speaking I am bit scared by this success. Some of Forest players may attract attention of big clubs due to their excellent performance. That’s why I’m afraid to loose them during the upcoming off-season.

How can I avoid my board accepting large transfer offers from bigger clubs?

Do you know any tricks?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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