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Morale management in Football Manager 2013

Sometimes you may encounter a difficult schedule when your team must play against 4-5 grand clubs in a row. It’s a rare case but it happens. If your season task is a league survival and avoiding relegation, then most likely the matches would be lost and players’ morale would be decreased to a poor level. As for me the morale is one of the pivotal factors in Football Manager 2013. Any tactics or player squad may loose matches being in a bad mood.

So now I’m going to share the methods for raising morale in Football Manager 2013.

All the methods of morale improvement are based on my personal experience.

Morale management in Football Manager 2013

Thus you see here only those tricks that I use in practice.

Private chat

When player reacts well on your words, his morale is usually raised. The following chat types help me from time to time:

  • Last match or recent performance discussion. Normally I praise a player who got 7.2 rating or higher during match. Additionally, I follow assistant coach reports and board confidence regarding players (Player tab) to figure out those whose recent performance is impressive and deserves good words.
  • Tutoring. Players like to tutor and gain a morale increase if you offer such kind of an opportunity.

Putting player to Reserves

Reserve squad

It always works fine. A first squad footballer will become one of the best in the reserve team. Having weaker opponents, your reserve team grabs wins frequently. Winning games automatically results in wide morale increase touching your first squad player of course.

Player concerns

Pay attention to player concerns, particularly happiness about training workload. You should apply corresponding actions player expects from you in such kind of cases. After that player morale gets better.

Team chat

Team chat in Football Manager 2013

The team chat via Talk to Squad button is rarely available during season. It’s just several times per season when you may arrange general discussion. However, it’s very good working method to increase morale to almost all your squad. But be careful selecting what to say to players. Most often it should be encouraging or praising talk choice.

Promising high bonuses before season start

Don’t hesitate to promise high bonuses. Money doesn’t matter because it’s a win-win situation. If you promise high bonuses, your team will try to play better to receive the bonuses. So finally better results bring more money to your club and you just share part of it with players.

The most positive effect of promising high bonuses in sense of this post is when morale level is “stuck” at Superb level for one or even two months.

Offering new contract

Offer new contract in FM 2013

Obviously, morale level goes up if player gets and accepts a new contract offer with higher wage or bonuses. Though you understand you can’t perform it often. And don’t forget about payroll budget limit.

Squad rotation

If you are winning game, I advise you to make substitutions selecting bench players with lower morale.

Team talks before/during/after match

Football Manager 2013 Team Talks

In the majority of cases I use the following algorithm of match talks:

  1. Before match. I say to all players: No pressure. Normally it makes my players more relaxed and raises morale level. Then I speak individually to player groups (defender, midfielder, strikers, and goalie) telling I have faith. It also influences player morale level fine. Sometimes you may even gain a spectacular doubled morale increase.
  2. Half-time. It depends on a match score. When my team is loosing, I ask Where is the passion? using overall talks. In case of good winning score, I state that I’m Pleased. Then individual talks come into play. Most often used variants here: I have faith and You can make the difference!.
  3. After match. Very simple scheme. Unlucky statement is good when I don’t like the result. Otherwise, I tell my squad I am Very pleased or Delighted.

Frankly speaking I don’t think guessing right team talks is interesting. Therefore I am not motivated to play much with team talks in FM 13. Nevertheless, if you need more information about the team talks, try reading this extensive guide: Team Talk Guidelines.


In total, your team morale level will be always above average if you incorporate all abovementioned tips. Hope now you’re not puzzled about morale in FM 2013 and understand how to cope when its level decreases.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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