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How I grew Forest wage budget by 60%

Hello my dear readers,

I’ve prepared lost of information today. So the post is quite long because it fully describes my transfer campaign before the 3rd season in Nottingham Forest story. That will be my second one in Premier League as you understand. Sometimes it can be harder than the first one, that’s why “second season syndrome” term exists. I am kind of wary about it and tried not to be much economical signing new players…

My debut in Premier League finished successfully with the 13th position. You can add to it getting semi-final stage in the League Cup and low payroll budget I had during the season. Forest financial balance has grown to $60M after all. This is why the board was very generous to give me $44.6M for transfers:

Season expectations


Team report before transfers

Once again here is the team report. Squad analyses and the most weak areas were discussed in the last post, read if you missed it.


Players out

Players outPlayers out[5]

There are many names in the list but only several of them deserve additional comments.

Firstly, Simon Cox. Surprize from me, isn’t it? Simon was a key player who led Forest to Premier League and played quite well in the 2nd season. However, I saw an opportunity to sell him for good money of $11.25M and buy a better replacement saving $3M. You will read below who replaced Simon Cox.  Bye Simon and thank you for all!

Another surprize is a sale of Michalis Sifakis, goalkeeper who showed himself quite confidently in the Premier League. But again I had an opportunity to bring a better goalie to the squad as a free transfer. That’s why the Greek left the team.

Lewis McGugan and Alan Judge were considered not good enough for Premier League by me and blog readers. So they both were sold for decent money.

Majewski, Connolly, Gillett were absolutely not need during the last season.

You may also remember I was a bit scared by interest from big clubs regarding Forest leaders Mattia Destro and Jamaal Lascelles. And it was a pretty dangerous situation when Chelsea decided to tempt the Italian and offer twice much than actual Destro’s price value. Well I rejected the offer and board didn’t interfere in anyhow.


Players in

Frankly speaking I am proud of the transfer campaign results. I bought several really awesome players and managed to keep the squad mostly British.

Players in

1. Yaroslav Rakitskyi (DC, DL) – $13.25M

Yaroslav Rakitskyi in Football Manager 2013

Well most of you know I am Ukrainian and support my native football in the real life. Thus, I have been tending to buy Ukrainian players  in my previous FM stories since the very beginning. I couldn’t ignore transfer-listed Yaroslav Rakitskyi who is certainly the best defender of Ukraine at the moment.

It’s remarkable that he wasn’t put on transfer by Shakhtar because Ukrainian grand club had sold him to Chelsea year ago. Di Matteo didn’t find a place in his first eleven for Yaroslav and decided to sell the guy. Well I was very generous during contract talks and succeeded to buy the Ukrainian.

I believe $13.25M for player of such calibre is a very good deal!


Budget adjustment after the transfer of Rakitskyi

Suddenly I understood I need much higher wage budget to sign all whom I wanted to signed. Therefore it was increased to large $920M per week giving me space for the next transfers.


2. Ademilson (ST) – $8.5M

Present in my wonderkid list with TFM rating of 4.5.

Ademilson in Football Manager 2013

Remember I was trying to explain the Simon Cox’s sale. Ademilson is actually my explanation.

He is one of the best young forwards in Football Manager 2013. Huge prospect, no doubts! Interesting that his price value started to grow after the transfer very quickly and equals to $13.75M now.


3. Carlos Kameni (GK) – Free

Carlos Kameni in Football Manager 2013

Cameroonian Carlos Kameni is one of goalkeepers whom I always want to sign in every Football Manager. He is a good goalie with high Reflexes, One on Ones, Aerial Ability, Jumping. Of course you may see several cons like low Positition or Communication but he is still somewhat better than Sifakis by attributes’ values in total.

4. Neil Eardley (DR) – $9M

Neil Eardley in Football Manager 2013

At last you see the first of new British players who joined Forest. My new right back Neil Eardley. I believe Neil is worth every penny paid for him. He should be able to cover a whole right flank even without any support from midfielders.

Good Passing (16), Crossing (15), and decent Technique mean I can expect pack of crosses that will lead to goals.

5. Will Hughes (AMC, ML, MR, MC) – $9.25M

Present in my wonderkid list with TFM rating of 4.

Will Hughes in Football Manager 2013

One of the greatest English prospects! What can be said else?

Though I can add I love versatility of Will Hughes and the fact he agreed to leave rival Derby for Nottingham Forest.


6. Jermain Defoe (ST) – $1.5M

Jermain Defoe in Football Manager 2013

Tottenham listed on transfer Jermain Defoe for $1.5M only. I couldn’t miss an opportunity to work with this brilliant striker, often dreamt to have him in my squad. Surely, Defoe is not so fast as 2-3 years ago. However, he has a very well set of PPMs including “Shoots with Power” which should be efficient taking into consideration his Finishing (16), Composure (16), and Technique (14). Though one may say paying $75K per week is too much…

Defoe will be used in rotation together with Ademilson. Obviously, Destro remains my main striker.

7. Mathieu Dossevi (MR) – Free

Mathieu Dossevi in Football Manager 2013

I and Mathieu shook hands in winter. So now I am not sure if I really need this guy. Though he is the fastest player of Nottingham Forest taking into account Pace and Acceleration.

8. Jose Baxter (AMC, ST) – $375K

Present in my wonderkid list with TFM rating of 2.

Jose Baxter in Football Manager 2013

Another English youngster who always look nice and decent for me. At last I bought Jose for just $375K. Decent substitution player with some prospect of growth during trainings.

9. Stewart Carswell (MC, DMC) – Free

Stewart Carswell in Football Manager 2013

I can say similar words about Stewart Carswell as well as about Jose Baxter. Decent, prospective, substitution bench player for now.

10. David Buchanan (DL, ML) – Free

David Buchanan in Football Manager 2013

David Buchanan from Northern Ireland is signed to extend amount of defensive players in case of injury crisis. A determined team-worker.

Team report after the transfers



The only thing I don’t really like about this transfer campaign is a leap of payroll budget from $500K to $850K. But sure it’s understandable that players like Rakitskyi, Defoe, Ademilson, Eardley cannot have low wages…

Payroll budget


I believe Forest is able to finish at the 10th position now or even higher.

Now some questions to you my dear readers:

1. How do you like the latest Forest transfers?

2. Are there any transfer mistakes I made?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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