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Forest squad analysis after season #2

Here is my current squad after the 2nd season, one of the weakest in the Premier League actually.



Let’s analyse it by areas.




No changes needed at this position. My goalies are enough for me now. I like reliability of Sifakis and don’t believe 6.81 rating because it’s due to matches against grand clubs where my whole team wasn’t able to oppose anyhow.

Pay attention to 18 years old Alain Cornelissen. He is a very promising guy!




It may sound over-confident but there’s no need to strengthen centre of defence. Lascelles and Milosevic have Halford and huge talents Hewitt and Navarro as subs. I’d like to give more match practice to the youngsters though I understand they are only 17 years old. However, their potential ability is very motivating!!!



DL and DR are the most problematic positions for me. A last season’s newcomer Ryan Taylor have been disappointing since the start till the end of February. Then his performance improved when his adaptation process finished. I am going to keep him in the team. Moreover, Ryan can play as ML, MR, and even ball-winning MC.

Conversely, Greg Halford won back DR position in Forest starting line-up and was very good there. His 7.10 rating underlines the fact. However, Halford is 30 years old and quite slow player for a wing with Pace=12 and Acceleration=11. This is why I should buy a better right back during off-season.

Lee Wallace at the left flank played quite well providing the highest  Tackling Ratio (85%) and Header Ratio (75%) than his competitors. Ability to play well in air is important for wing backs in FM 2013 because of dangerous crosses coming from opposite wings.


Anyway Wallace is not ideal variant of left back and I may strengthen this position if there will be any better footballer available for transfer.


DMC position is covered by Michele Pazienza (7.10 – average rating) whom I trust completely. He has decent sub in a person of versatile Chris Cohen. Therefore there’s no serious necessity to change anything.

As for the other midfielders, I joined them all into one statistical table. Let’s compare!


Low rating of Lewis McGugan and his wage of $24K doesn’t correlate in my mind. So he is a candidate #1 to be transfer-listed.

Alan Judge didn’t impress me much as well. He makes long shots too often without any real success. Judge has the lowest passing ratio of 74% which I don’t like. Most likely I will sell him as well.

Prospective Mikkel Diskerud have already 1 and half of season for Nottingham Forest but he is still a decent player only. Mikkel shows some progress during trainings, though match performances doesn’t result in numerous assists. I think it’s caused by his low Flair and Decisions. Do you agree?


As for future transfers on MC, MR, ML, AMC positions, I can’t say you anything concrete. It’s the strongest area of Nottingham Forest at the moment…

Perhaps you may advise me something.



Obviously I need to buy at least one new forward bearing in mind that my Tripple C tactical approach consists of 2 tactics with 2 strikers actually. Destro was wonderful and Cox was pretty good. I want to keep them both in the squad. Hopefully grand clubs will not tear out Italian wonderkid making large transfer offers…



Interesting facts:

  • We have the 19th wage budget in the league now.
  • Thomas Drage has one of the lowest salaries. I may expect he will request a serious growth of his income soon.
  • Mattia Destro has Match higher earner clause, therefore I have to be careful signing new players.



So here is my conclusion. The red rectangles mean that STC and DR positions have to be strengthen at all cost. DL position marked in yellow colour meaning it would be good to make a transfer for it, though it’s not compulsory. The grey coloured rectangles show areas looking more like questions for me…

Do you agree with my conclusion about transfer strategy during the upcoming window?

What positions would you strengthen if you were me?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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