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Football Manager 2013 Best Physios

Ok, let’s talk about physios. This kind of staff is probably the most simple in Football Manager 2013. Albeit if feel I should tell about them a bit. Physios in FM 2013 are responsible for preventing players’ injuries and recovering them in case if injuries happen. They always provide information about injuries in your squad. It’s quite obvious.

Though it’s also interesting to know that better physio you have, then:

1) more exact injury time estimates you receive;

2) fitness level of players is increased higher.

I would advise you to employ as many physios as possible. It’s a case when quantity is converted into quality because it influences on time length of injuries.

Important attributes for Physio

  • Physiotherapy. The most important attribute as you understand.
  • Fitness, Determination, Motivating and Level of Discipline.
  • Working With Youngsters (applied to youth only).
  • Adaptability (if physio is from foreign country).


Best inexpensive physios in Football Manager 2013




Lieven Maesschalck    
Gary Lewin    
Mogens Kreutzfeldt    
Aldo Esposito    
Pete Friar    
Paul Ferris    
Bruno Sgherzi    
Michael Risse    
Grant Downie    
Chris Malkin    
Daniel Lasfargues    
Les Parry    
Nicky Reid Preston 1K
Jose Luiz Runco Flamengo 1.1K
Dave Galley Sunderland 3.2K
David Fevre Blackburn 4K
Gianni Nanni Bologna 4.6K
Salvatore Libra Catania 5K

Hope you like my list of FM 2013 physios and enjoyed the post at all. Feel free to comment or ask questions below.

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