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Football Manager 2013 Assistant Managers

FM 2013 Assistant Managers
If you don’t know men on the picture: it’s Steve Bould, one of the Premier League assistant managers. He helps Arsene Wenger in Arsenal.
Today I would like to share my thoughts about the significance of assistant managers in Football Manager 2013 and actually the best of them in the game.

How I use my assistant manager in Football Manager 2013

An assistant manager can be given with a lot of different tasks. I prefer to pass him several tedious types of work like:
  • Participation in press conferences;
  • Managing team during friendlies;
  • Managing the reserve team.
Additionally, sometimes I pay attention to his advices during match including opposition instructions.
The most helpful when he informs about problems with player’s blending into the squad.
One can also set up assistant manager to handle trainings, arrange friendlies, manage talks or opposition instructions, etc. But I prefer to do it by myself for higher efficiency and more pleasure from game.

Important attributes of assistant manager in FM 2013

Choose an assistant manager depending on tasks you want to assign upon him. The following attributes can be really important in your concrete case:
  • Tactical knowledge. The highest value of this attribute allows to receive the best opposition instructions and match tactical advices.
  • Judging Player Ability + Judging Player Potential correspond to the quality and accuracy of team and player reports created by assistant manager.
  • Determination. Significant for signing contracts with players. Influences much when the assistant manager is used as coach in trainings.
  • Level of Discipline, Motivating, Man Management, Working with Youngsters + any coaching attributes are important for coaching as you understand.
  • High Motivating is good for effective team talks.
  • Adaptability is significant if your assistant manager is from another country.

Best FM 2013 assistant managers

Of course there are many cool persons like Mauro Tassotti… But I have decided to enumerate free or inexpensive assistant coaches in Football Manager 2013. It’s more realistic that you sign one of them.

Wage, $
Ezio Sella
Rosario Di Vicenzo
Sidnei Lobo
Alain Boghossian
Massimo Pedrazzini
Robin Fokke
Albino Pillon
Ricky Sbragia
Terry McDermott Birmingham 2.2K
Tord Grip Ipswich 3K
Tony Docherty Bristol City 3.2K
Karsten Neitzel Bochum 3.7K
Nigel Gibbs Reading 6.5K
Steve Round Everton 8K

Hopefully, you like my list of the best cheap FM 2013 assistant coaches.

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy
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