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Decent football but lack of points in PL

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The first screen shot may look shocking: just 3 points after 8 matches and the bottom line in the table. A failed start? I would hurry with opinions. Read the post carefully till the end.


Forest matches


The confident victory over Q.P.R. - my former club in FM 12 – is not a single one. I can also boast two wins in the Carling Cup where away 2:0 against West Brom especially valuable. By the way, it’s strange that we didn’t manage to grab win in the next home game against WBA. It was a lack of consistency.

As for the other games… I have already described two of them at FM Crowd:

I would also like to single out the following matches…

Nearly equal match against the Gunners. Despite the score.

We played well but had no chances to get at least one point.

Forest vs Arsenal

“Almost draw” against Chelsea

My Forest was trying to park the bus during the second half after Destro’s goal. But suddenly Eden Hazard broke all my hopes on the 90th minute…

Chelsea - Forest

The last 0:5 devastating defeat was against current PL champions and leaders headed by Sir Alex Ferguson. So I don’t take this one too seriously.

Two my best wins

Forest - QPR[4]

WBA - Forest

Tactics in the played matches

In almost all cases, I have been using the classic 4-4-2 which covers flanks and helps to cope with strong wingers present in the majority of PL teams. However, the victory over Q.P.R. was achieved with the control 4-2-3-1 tactic when I felt a certain advantage in morale and their defensive tactical approach. Perhaps I should be less careful furthermore.

Albeit despite the results, the quality of football shown by my team is acceptable.

Forest players


Well you see the morale level. It’s the problem number 1 now. To fix it, I should spend more time talking with key players and talk to the whole squad.

The problem number 2 is the most significant and can be resolved eventually. It’s about squad blending. New players haven’t gelled together with the core part of the team. My assistant manager has been informing me that goalie Sifakis, defender Milosefic, left back Wallace, attacking midfielder Judge had faced serious adaptation problems. Well it’s a consequence of the squad revolution…

Among the worst players is obviously and unexpectedly Billy Sharp. He failed all his clear cut chances: around 6-7 moments in total actually. I am not happy with a debut of Ryan Taylor. I though his experience will help the team. But it seems Ryan needs more time for blending into squad. Going to replace him with Greg Halford for a certain time.

Best Forest newcomer is Mattia Destro with his 5 goals in 8(1) matches. But I feel he is still adapting in the team.

Simon Cox underlined his significance for the club once again. He was the best during this starting period scoring 5 goals and making 4 assists in 8 games!

Simon Cox in FM13

Next matches

Upcoming matches

Most likely there’s going to be another loss in the next match at Anfield. But after that Nottingham Forest has the series of more or less convenient opponents. At least there won’t be matches against grand clubs till the end of December. I feel my team may grab 3-4 wins in the PL matches with West Ham, Norwich, Watford, Stoke, Fulham, Reading. It should allow to be above the relegation zone before winter transfer window.

I hope also to continue winning in the Carling Cup having the lucky home match draw against Fulham.

I’d like to hear your opinion:

  • Have you expected such kind of Premier League debut from my Forest?
  • What would you change if you were me?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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