Sunday, 4 November 2012

Top 5 FM 2013 features

Hi all,

It’s my kind of Football Manager 2013 review where I indicate those features or improvements that impressed me most of all. Well I like FM 2013 much and could create “Top 20 features” or even “Top 30 features” post, but I feel it’s time to concentrate at the very best of them.

1. User Interface

Revamped UI is absolutely “number 1” improvement in Football Manager 2013. It’s much more smart and allows to save time while performing different actions with less clicks or keyboard key pushes than in FM12. Actually UI improvement can be divided into many smaller changes. The most exciting of them are:

  • Great 1-click buttons: Get Report, Add to shortlist (Remove from shortlist), Find similar player;
  • Better search that works faster;
  • Convenient calendar;
  • Highlighting of key player attributes;
  • Player and staff comparison;
  • Improved team report screen for roles;
  • Excellently designed scout report about player;
  • and merely awesome Player stats screen.

Player stats in Football Manager 2013

2. Match Engine Enhancements

It’s still not perfect and will never become perfect but I like it much. I have to underline better ball and player physics. Nice to see at first how the ball hits corner flag. Players don’t run through each other and try to hold the ball on pitch at all costs in lovely fashion. Special thanks from me for beautiful long shots and the way how keepers jump parrying them.

SI Games has also fixed long delays when player gets injured or booked with yellow card.

3. Match 3D View Mode

Director camera, much quicker substitutions and tactic changes, beautified player animations, improved widgets module allow to get even more pleasure while watching a match.

4. Transfers Deadline Day

I didn’t use it for now but very excited about this feature. The video look really great and people who tried this feature are impressed as well.

5. New Training System

Football Manager 13 training

Most controversial change from SI Games caused a lot of discussions. I like it, it’s great to don’t bother with that weird training system with sliders.

Moreover, ideal training schedules were one of the most used "cheats" in FM 2012. This is why SI Games made trainings less efficient. Thus it should have a positive impact on long term games and not to overcome AI by over-trained youngsters.

Added training camps and coach license are another steps to dig into even more realistic training in Football Manager.


In the end I would like to ask you:

What FM 2013 features do you like the most?

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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Author: Vitaliy

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