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My first transfers in FM 2013!

Hello my dear readers,
As you know I skipped the first transfer window in summer and didn’t make any transfers. Now it’s winter transfer window for my Forest. My transfer campaign is over, and I am ready to share the results.
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OK, now you should know I had two main targets:
  1. Get rid of several players who don’t play in the first eleven and receive high salaries.
  2. Find cheap good footballers. Thus I could keep the club balance in a positive value.

Forest team report before transfers


Players Out

The resulting sells and loans out doesn’t make me happy at all. Some players were completely unwanted by other clubs, and Forest director of football was helpless as well as me to sell them:
  • Andy Reid. Remains one of the largest money makers in my squad having wage of $24K. Leaves Forest on free in summer.
  • Jonathan Greening went on loan. But all the salary - $19.2K -  is still paid by Forest to him. There were not better offers. Luckily he will leave squad on free in summer.
  • Marcus Tudgay. $11.25K. No interest from other clubs. They did not want even to sign him for free! Going to use him as a backup striker in case of injuries.
  • Dexter Blackstock. Huddersfield pays 10% of his wage only. The other $10K is still on Forest balance.
Moloney and Derbyshire were the only unwanted players who left Nottingham Forest forever.
If I should give myself a mark for all of that, it would be 6 in 20-point system.

Players In

I spend more than one real life week playing January matches. But the most part of time has gone to the transfer campaign and actually on my attempts to scout and sign players.
I loved the last transfer day feature added into FM 2013. It’s very entertaining, and I managed to get 2 players during it.
There were many interesting attempts to buy and loan decent players. A couple of them completed with a similar result as I had trying to loan Leigh Griffiths.

1. Glenn Whelan (MC) – Loan

Glenn Whelan in Football Manager 2013
Experienced Irishman from Stoke should help us to keep in promotion zone and fight for a place in the end. Glenn Whelan is a really good central midfielder for whom I haven’t been regretting to pay $35K of loan fee monthly. Good ball winner, mentally very strong… His experience should help Nottingham Forest.

2. Thomas Drage (AMC, AMR/AML, MR/ML) – $1.5M

Thomas Drage in Football Manager 2013
One of talents in my wonderkid list.
Thomas is very versatile which is significant for me during player evaluation. You know I use 3 very different tactical formations: 4-4-2, narrow 4-2-3-1, narrow 4-1-2-1-2. It means I need left/right wide midfielders as well as AMCs. Thus, Thomas Drage can be adapted into any formation.
I want to single out his Dribbling, Passing and speed. He likes to run often with the ball (PPM). This player is my lucky strike because he already deserves to play at Premier League level.

3. Mikkel Diskerud (MC) – Free

Mikkel Diskerud in Football Manager 2013
Another talent from my wonderkid list.
Mikkel was signed for free! Great! He is not that awesome as Glenn Whelan and will come from substitution bench more often than in the starting line-up.
Diskerud shows signs of a good playmaker possessing high Passing (15), Creativity (15), Teamwork (15), First Touch (14).

4. Jan Lastuvka (GK) – Loan

Jan Lastuvka in Football Manager 2013
I don’t like unstable Lee Camp, therefore I decided to make him to compete for the first squad place.
Lastuvka is the main goalie of Dnipro in the real life. Dnipro is an Ukrainian club who has already took the first place in the tough Europe League group including Napoli and PSV! Again, I am talking about the real life.
It was one of the best transfers in this campaign due to low contact salary: $2.1K.

5. Tom Thorpe (DC) – $180K

Tom Thorpe in Football Manager 2013
A prospective young defender from Manchester United who is also mentioned among U21 talents.
He will add some squad depth and can be a decent substitution when opponent’s forwards are weak.

6. Alain Cornelissen (GK) – $550K

It was the transfer with a sight in future. I hope this young goalie from Holland will grow into new Edwin van der Sar :)

7. Eric Addo (DC, DMC) – Free

Eric Addo in Football Manager 2013
Eric Addo is signed only because of his cheapness (take a look at the wage size) and my wish to increase a number of defensive line backup players. Just in case of injuries.

Team report after transfers

After all the wage budget went up:
Wage budget after transfers

Other transfers of Championship clubs

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Some of the top transfers in England

Premier League transfers roundup

What’s your opinion?

My sells and loans out were not good. But have I managed to meet my requirements regarding the signed players? Thomas Drage, Glenn Whelan, Mikkel Diskerud, Jan Lastuvka – these names deserve some respect as for me. What do you think?

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy
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