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My experiment in Football Manager 2013 trainings

My Forest story have stepped over season 1 equator. It means I am in January playing matches and making transfers now. And finally I am ready to share the results of the training experiment started on 15.08.2012.

I’d like to enumerate the basic experiment conditions once more:

  • I have been monitoring training progress of my players since the start date till December 31, 2012.
  • Forest has 3.5-star coaches in all but Attacking and Goalkeeping categories.
  • Good training facilities.
  • Players were divided into three groups by training settings:
    • Individual focus on a role;
    • Individual focus on a single attribute;
    • No individual focus.
  • General training: Balanced with Average Intensity.
  • Match training: Tactics only + Allow rest after match.
  • Scheduling slider: More match training, one position to right from maximal level.

Read my initial experiment post for more details.

Players progress during trainings

Now I want to share results showing player attributes’ growth for each of three groups.

Individual Training: Focus on Roles

Here are players with focus on roles selected. Before the experiment start I tried to set different intensity to see its influence afterwards.

Player Age Focused role Intensity Result after 4.5 months
Jamaal Lascelles 19 Central Defender Average All 9 DC attributes: +1
Almost all other attributes: +1
Dan Harding 29 Full Back Light 2 FB attributes: +1
Guy Moussi 27 Defensive Midfielder Average 4 DMC attributes: +1
James Coppinger 31 Wide Midfielder Average WM atrributes: 0.
Strengh: -1
Chris Cohen 25 Deep Lying Playmaker Light 7 DLP attributes: +1.
Many other attributes: +1
Lewis McGugan 24 Deep Lying Playmaker Average Positioniong: +2
5 other DLP attributes: +1
Simon Cox 25 Deep Lying Forward Light 2 DLF attributes: +1

It was quite efficient training process as for me. Average intensity has given a better effect if we exclude old James Coppinger whose attributes didn’t almost change.

The highest progress is shown by young talent Jamaal Lascelles which is not surprising taking into account his level of potential.

Jamaal Lascelles, Football Manager 2013 trainings

Individual Training: Focus on Attribute

6 players have got focus on attribute. We may see its growth then.

Player Age Focused Attribute Intensity Result after 4.5 months
Daniel Ayala 22 Marking Average Marking: +1
4 other attributes: +1
Simon Gillett 27 Passing Heavy Passing: +1
Adlene Guedioura 27 Passing Average No changes
Marcus Tudgay 29 Passing Heavy No changes
Radoslaw Majewski 26 Composure Average N/A. Long-time injury.
Dexter Blackstock 26 Composure Average No changes

I am not impressed. Only 2 of 6 players have managed to increase their focused attributes. Moreover, just Daniel Ayala had a certain progress on other attributes. I expected also more from Guedioura and Blackstock…

Other players

It’s interesting and somewhat sad for me to state that other Forest players doesn’t show any perceptible progress during trainings. So I can’t even put here any table statistics because there’s no sense.

I think Scheduling and Average training intensity are the main reasons of that.


1. Role of focus looks as the most effective training mechanism.

I would advise it to use for the whole squad and am going to do the same. It’s a new feature added to Football Manager 2013, so it’s logically that developers tried to make it good-working.

2. Scheduling should have less match training than I had during experiment.

This conclusion is quite obvious. I have just been trying to research how much players can develop themselves during training on that level of Scheduling.

My next actions

Following the conclusions, almost all my players got individual focus on roles.

I set up a new level of scheduling to give more time for standard trainings. Additionally, the high training intensity was set. It should boost attributes’ growth as far as I understand. Though I understand intensity increase may cause more injuries.

New scheduling

High intensity

A further information about the training results for period since January to May will be give in the end of the season.

Questions to you

What’s your opinion of the results?

Does they correlate somehow with your experience of Football Manager 2013 trainings?

What special features of FM 2013 trainings did you notice?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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