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Forest. Winter transfers needed

Dear readers,

I decided to depict 6 last played matches only because January is about to begin in my story. It means my trainings experiment has ended and I should report about its results. Additionally, the winter transfer window is about to be opened which is very important because I feel I need some squad changes.

Played matches


All 6 games were complicated. As you understand 3 draws, 1 loss, and 2 wins is not the best result but still good enough to hold out in the promotion zone.

I have been still using 3 my different tactics almost without any adjustments. This multifarious approach is my personal revolution because I have never used 3 totally different tactics simultaneously. It’s giving a result I didn’t expect: Forest is at the 4th table line after 26 played fixtures. Without any transfers before the season!

I am going to test all my tactics more in the second season’s half. Afterwards there will be a tactical post with links on the tactics.

Playing against Championship leaders

Watford vs Forest

It turned into 1:0 loss away loss to Watford. They are leading the league due to enormous number of players loaned from Udinese. Well I deem you understand who is the cause of that ;) If not, look at the name and nationality of their head coach.

Getting back to the match, I can say I wanted to win it too much. This is the reason why I made a mistake switching to 4-2-3-1 control tactics during the 2nd half. As a result my most attacking tactics helped more Watford attackers than my ones.

Best match: Burnley - Forest 0:2

Match stats against Burnley

The game versus Burnley caught me in quite anxious state: the previous two Forest matches had brought 1 point only, no goals had been scored by my players in them. So I decided to opt the counter-attacking 4-1-2-1-2 tactics, narrow diamond formation. It was important to be as much careful as we can against other promotion competitors. Moreover, Burnley players had higher morale level.

As you see from the above-placed screenshot, we beat Burnley confidently. Well it’s +1 point to a score of my counter-attacking tactics!

Player stats in the match against Burnley:


Championship table standing




Don’t want to talk about player performance much this time.  Average ratings are very self-descriptive. A necessity in squad changes is obvious. Just want to single out Billy Sharp who managed to score 15 goals in 19(2) matches.

Billy Sharp in Football Manager 2013

Transfers needed


I have too much money spent on salaries. It’s even about default wage budget so I will have to adjust $7.6M of transfer budget to get some reserve for wages.

My transfer policy should be very careful because I don’t want Forest balance getting decreased below zero. The money spent on the upgrades of youth and training facilities does exert me.

Well known that the board can cancel upgrades in case of negative balance .

So I would like to bound myself in spending money and try to sign cheap or free players. There are many positions to strengthen so I don’t want to discuss it in details right now. Let’s better take a look at the current Nottingham Forest squad and their wages.

Wages of Forest players

Player wagesPlayers with low wages

Here you see loaned James Coppinger who has been performing quite well for me. Unluckily, there’s no chance to continue his loan.

Wages of Reserves


At the moment I want to try to get rid of the following players:

  • Andy Reid
  • Jonathan Greening
  • David McGoldrick (he is retuning from loan soon)
  • Matt Derbyshire
  • Brendan Moloney
  • Marcus Tudgay

Probably Dexter Blackstock will also be transfer-listed. I have not decided yet. How do you think?

Further matches

Further matches

Many interesting matches wait Forest in January and February. The special one: home encounter with Derby County, our arch-rivals. I would like to get 15 points in all these Championship matches. Nevertheless, I understand squad changes can ruin my plans…

Forest performance in FA Cup sounds important for me. It would be very good if my club passed 2-3 rounds.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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