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Football Manager 2013 Scouts

Football Manager 2013 Scouts

In my opinion scouts have been becoming more and more important with every new version of Football Manager. Of course some of you may say that player search is enough for you. I would not agree, especially if realistic attribute masking is enabled in your game.

First of all you should what scouts can do for you:

  • Scout the next opposition providing detailed team report;
  • Scout any region, nation, competition for good players;

It doesn’t seem much but believe me scouts are one of the keys to successful career in FM 2013. Analysing players, they produce very helpful player reports uncovering Current Ability, Potential Ability, strengths and weaknesses analysing hidden player attributes,  possible transfer value and salary, comparison with your other players by the most natural position.

Scout report in Football Manager 2013

I strongly recommend to use scouts in Football Manager 2013.

The most significant attributes for scouts are:

  • Judging Player Ability + Judging Player Potential. It’s quite obviously of course that these attributes are absolutely crucial for scouts. However, I want you to think about staff having only one of this attributes at very high level. Thus a scout with high Judging Player Ability should not be sacked because he can be used to scout either next opposition or players above 24 years old. Vice versa, a scout with high Judging Player Potential should be aimed at search of young talents.
  • Determination. Influences on self-motivation level of scout.
  • Tactical Knowledge is important if you use a scout to research the opposition.
  • Adaptability is not that important, but it’s always good to have this attribute as high as possible if he is from another country.

Knowledge bar

Knowledge bar in Football Manager 2013

You should also pay attention to the knowledge bar of your scouts. However, in our case it doesn’t mean that a scout has the complete knowledge of English or French talents. It just shows the countries where your scout can do his best searching for good players.

Scout extends his knowledge if you assign him to a new or not so much known country.

Football Manager 2013 best cheap scouts

And now just a short but helpful list of best cheap scouts from me. Hope you’ll like it:




Luciano Moggi    
Pantaleo Corvino    
Luciano D’Onofrio    
Paul Montgomery    
Gianbattista Lanfranchi    
Txiki Begiristain    
Luis Suarez    
Sergio Vignoni    
Roy Ruddick Southampton 0.8K
Pablo Longoria Atalanta 1.1K
Paul Mitchel Southampton 1.3K
Brian Robson Sunderland 1.6K
Ray Clarke Blackburn 1.9K


Any questions and comments about scouting in Football Manager 2013 are very welcomed!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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