Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Football Manager 2013 Custom Profile View

Dear readers,

I feel it’s time for another FM 2013 hint today.

Moving around all FM 2013 screens can take a lot of time. The news inbox doesn’t show all the most important information about team members and its financial. But FM 13 has something I like to call an “information radiator”. If you go to your manager profile hitting F2 shortcut for example, you will see quite helpful total information combined into set of widgets. 2 of them are useful but the others are not the best selected variants as for me. They can be customized.

How to use your manager profile more efficiently

Take a look how I customized my manager profile view in Football Manager 2013:

Customized profile view in FM 2013

Next Match and Squad Status are the only widgets here that are shown by default. I decided to leave Squad Status there because it contains compiled state of all unusual player statuses.

As for the other selected widgets, I’d like to explain why I try to use each of them.

Team Injuries

Any manager holds his hand on pulse of dates and injury information about player having the widget shown. Players are sorted by recover date in ascending order. It allows to correlate dates of fixtures and time when injured players return to football.

Training Performances

You see player list sorted by total training performance. Click on any name in this list brings you at Training tab of the player.

Finances & Salary

We can hardly argue that it’s really significant to track finances and manage salaries in Football Manager 2013. Surely, you might like to forget about it giving away financial tasks to your assistants but the widget is nice and helpful for those who like manage this stuff by themselves. Like me.

Backroom Advice

Somebody doesn’t like backroom advices. Well you may disable it or make more rare via Staff Responsibilities => Personal Assistant tab. I prefer to lend an ear to what my staff talks about. Of course, I don’t accept their advices quite often but sometimes they help.

It’s convenient to use Backroom Advice as widget in FM 2013 custom profile view because otherwise you may miss some important things happening with your players. You can see a vital information about Andy Reid in the above-placed screen shot. My assistant manager notifies me that Andy is unhappy with his training workload.

Board Confidence

I selected this widget to track confidence levels of board. It’s not so helpful if we compare it with my other widgets, but it allows to see a feedback from your results and transfers. It’s kind of motivational thing for me.


Hope you find my FM 2013 hint about custom profile view for head coach effective.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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