Saturday, 13 October 2012

Forest story. Targets and restrictions

Hi guys!

We’re in 6 days till FM 2013 beta release. I will start Nottingham Forest story on that day as you probably expect. I hope it will be a long and exciting game for me transformed into an entertaining story for you. I do believe it’s going to be the best one of all I had before.

Story Targets

Ambitious targets should certainly be set in my case. Though I don’t want to become a looser failing them all :) Therefore my story targets are quite balanced between my ambitions and objective reality. At long last Nottingham Forest is an average team in the Championship that is predicted to be in a middle of the table. So my story targets are pretty careful:

  1. Promote into Premier League in 3 seasons.
  2. Get into Europa League in 5 seasons.
  3. Win FA Cup or League Cup in 6 seasons.
  4. Get into Champions League in 6 seasons.
  5. Win Premier League in 7 seasons.
  6. Win Champions League in 8 seasons.

Surely I would love to make Premier League promotion in 2 seasons but just want to be careful because of set forth below restrictions and principles.

Principles and Restrictions

Sticking to these ideas, some of which were suggested by you, dear readers, sounds very significant for me:

  • Skip the first transfer window. For that I will disable “Allow First Window Transfer Budgets” checkbox and won’t sell any Forest player from original squad. Thus I’ll be able to “feel the current squad and original club spirit”.
  • Try to keep as many British players in the squad as I can. It will be a first-time experience for me. Long-time readers of my blog know me as a manager tending to multi-national squad as it was with Latin-American Q.P.R. in the end. Hope you will always see 50% of British players in Forest squad minimally.
  • Devote more time to tactics. I am going to be more pragmatic playing full-time matches and working over statistic tactical analysis.
  • Be more pragmatic, less amount of ventures. Last Q.P.R story was full of different experiments including radical tactical approaches and too many squad revolutions. It won’t happen anymore. I’d like to be more pragmatic and result-oriented.

Hope you find my thoughts interesting and smart. I do feel it will be an amazing story full of great matches and dramatic outcomes!

Go Forest!!!

Nottingham Forest flag

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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