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Experiment with new FM2013 training system

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Many of you know that new training system in Football Manager 2013 became the most contradictory and disputable. Disappeared sliders and opportunity to import/export trainings is a certain intention of SI Games make influence of trainings less perceptible. It solves a problem that many gamers didn’t use trainings actually. They just were downloading some efficient schedules, installing them and forgetting about any complexities.

New simplified FM2013 training system was met with many questions even by experienced FM gamers. Following the SI Games forums, we can see some answers helping to understand several nuances of new trainings. In spite of it we don’t see any confirmation in practice.


I decided to make this experiment to receive some practical results and analyse them in further. The rules are the following:

1. Experiment starts on 15.08.2012 and ends on 31.12.2012.

2. I have 3.5-star coaches in all categories apart from Attacking (3 stars) and Goalkeeping ones which are unused for now. Forest has Good training facilities.

3. 3 groups of players were thought out by me:

     1) players with individual focus on 1 attribute;

     2) players with individual focus on role (new FM2013 feature);

     3) players without individual focus.

4. General Training, Match Training, Scheduling setup is below.

General Training in FM 2013  Match Training in FM 2013

FM 2013 Scheduling

All abovementioned training settings will not be changed till the experiment’s end date.

What will I do if player gets unhappy? Nothing. But I will have to consider all injuries in results’ analysis in the end.

Individual Training: Focus on Roles

Here are players with focus on roles selected. I tried to set different intensity to see its influence afterwards.

Player Focused role Intensity
Jamaal Lascelles Central Defender Average
Dan Harding Full Back Light
Guy Moussi Defensive Midfielder Average
James Coppinger Wide Midfielder Average
Chris Cohen Deep Lying Playmaker Light
Lewis McGugan Deep Lying Playmaker Average
Simon Cox Deep Lying Forward Light

Total workload is mostly heavy for each of these players. Take a look at individual training of Jamaal Lascelles:


Individual Training: Focus on Attribute

6 players have got focus on attribute. We’ll see its growth then.

Player Focused Attribute Intensity
Daniel Ayala Marking Average
Simon Gillett Passing Heavy
Adlene Guedioura Passing Average
Marcus Tudgay Passing Heavy
Radoslaw Majewski Composure Average
Dexter Blackstock Composure Average

Let’s get it started

Other first squad players of Nottingham Forest have no individual training at all. In the end of the experiment we will try to look at attributes’ progress, at their development, and then compare players in person as well as by groups.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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